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Discover BMB 2024 symposia: What are they really all about?

ASBMB Today Staff
Sept. 21, 2023

Back in June, the organizers of Discover BMB 2024 announced the titles and organizers of the thematic symposia for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s annual meeting, scheduled to take place March 23–26 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, in San Antonio. 

But you want to know more than the names of these sessions. Click on the links below to read what each symposium’s organizers have to say about their sessions, including who will be speaking, who should attend, —  even their theme song.

Dive deeper into what #DiscoverBMB programming will be all about.

Biochemistry of the multitudes

Microbial signaling, communication and metabolism

Peter Chien, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Jade Wang, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Enzymes: Still cool after all these years

Cool and novel enzymes

Shelley Copley, University of Colorado, Boulder; Hung-wen (Ben) Liu, The University of Texas at Austin

Processing and translating RNA in health and disease

RNA biology

Katrin Karbstein, University of Florida, Scripps Biomedical Research; Jeremy Wilusz, Baylor College of Medicine

Our coolest superpower: Seeing all the atoms

New frontiers in structural biology

Jose Rodriguez, University of California, Los Angeles; Hosea Nelson, California Institute of Technology

Building natural products

Advances in natural product biochemistry and biotechnology

Yi Tang, University of California, Los Angeles; Katherine Ryan, University of British Columbia 

Dancing with metals: Iron, copper and reactive sparks

Redox and metals in biology

Siavash Kurdistani, University of California, Los Angeles; Gina DeNicola, Moffitt Cancer Center 

MCSs stick the landing

Membrane contact sites

Chris Beh, Simon Fraser University; Jen Liou, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Lipids hold it all together

Lipid metabolism

Maria Fedorova, Dresden University of Technology; Neale Ridgway, Dalhousie University

Out with the old, in with the nucleus

Signaling mechanisms in the nucleus

Glen Liszczak, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Aaron Johnson, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus 

The specialized metabolism and trafficking of cellular subcompartments

Mitochondria, peroxisomes and chloroplast metabolism

Pere Puigserver, Harvard Medical School; Greg Moorhead, University of Calgary

Biochemists face the climate challenge

Maximizing Access Committee

Kayunta Johnson–Winters, University of Texas–Arlington; Karla Neugebauer, Yale School of Medicine 

Stressed out? The cancer playbook may help

Maximizing Access Committee

Jonathan Kelber, Baylor University

Teaching and engaging Gen Z: Two sides of the same coin

Education and professional development

Saumya Ramanathan, Arizona State University

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