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Teaching and engaging Gen Z: Two sides of the same coin

Learn about the Discover BMB 2024 symposium on education and professional development
Saumya Ramanathan
By Saumya Ramanathan
Sept. 12, 2023

I received a text message on January 1, 2020. The text said, “Happy New Year Dr. R, can’t wait to see you and take your Biochemistry class!”

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Since then, no such message has come through. A lot has happened in the meantime. Our world has been changed by many things since that new year, not the least of which has been the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gen Z has been affected significantly by the pandemic. Gen Z is more racially and ethnically diverse than all the previous generations and is more likely to go to college, and their tech-savvy knows no bounds.

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's Education and Professional Development Committee and Student Chapters Committee will present a symposium at Discover BMB with the overarching theme of “Teaching and Engaging Gen Z.” One session will focus on curriculum and assessment, with the lens turned on equitable and engaging practices. Another will look at the challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of artificial intelligence in the classroom. The third will address challenges and best practices for running research programs primarily with undergraduate students.

Craig Streu, a professor of biochemistry at Albion College, and Nancy Rice, a professor and chair of the biomedical sciences department at the University of South Alabama, are co-organizers of this session.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, assessment, education, inclusive teaching, research with undergraduates, time management, professional development, mentoring.

Who should attend: Faculty, postdoctoral trainees, undergraduate and graduate students, educators, and those interested in the ethics of AI.

Theme songs: “Titanium” by David Guetta/Sia and “Unstoppable” by Sia

This session is powered by Gen Z.

Education and professional development

Challenges and best practices: Running a research program primarily with undergraduate students

Chair: Saumya Ramanathan

Danae Schulz, Harvey Mudd College

Craig StreuAlbion College

Sharifa Love—RutledgeUniversity of Alabama, Huntsville

Alberto RasconArizona State University

AI in the classroom: disruptor or enhancer?

Chair: Craig Streu

Susan HolechekArizona State University

John NashUniversity of Kentucky

Emily RuffWinona State University

Assessment and curricular practices: Teaching and engaging with Gen Z

Chair: Nancy Rice

Angela JohnsonSt. Mary's College of Maryland

Orla Hart, Purdue University

Amy ChasteenUniversity of Southern Mississippi

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Saumya Ramanathan
Saumya Ramanathan

Saumya Ramanathan is an assistant professor at Fisk University and chair of the ASBMB Education and Professional Development Committee.

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