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ASBMB Today January 2019

To start the new year right, we offer a collection of articles, essays and tips on taking care of yourself and others. Plus our first (bio) chemical element of the month, our first Night Shift essay, and advice on how to patent an antibody. Read the January issue .

Improve your grant-writing skills

According to a survey of IMAGE grant-writing workshop attendees, 75 percent of workshop attendees received funding within two years of taking the workshop. Also, 85 percent of workshop attendees received funding within three years, and more than $200,000 was awarded to more than half of those who received grants.  Lear

Journal News

MCP introduces new manuscript guidelines

In the January issue of MCP, the editors introduce the finalized  Data-Independent Acquisition Guidelines . These guidelines will be in effect for all papers submitted to the journal beginning in April.  Read the editorial here

A deep dive into phosphoinositide biology

In the Journal of Lipid Research, Vytas Bankaitis and George M. Carman have put together an eight-article review series covering “the structure, function and regulation of enzymes responsible for the synthesis and degradation of phosphoinositides, as well as the roles phosphoinositides play in cell physiology, health and disease.”  Read the introduction to the series .

Member News

Remembering Martha Vaughan

The former JBC associate editor authored or co-authored more than 365 papers and book chapters and was a generous citizen-scientist.  Read about her life and work .

ASBMB member Steitz wins Lasker lifetime achievement award

The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation announced today the recipients of the 2018 Lasker Awards. Among the four recipients was  Joan Steitz , a professor of biophysics and biochemistry at Yale University, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators and a member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular

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