ASBMB's education programs



ASBMB accreditation recognizes excellence in undergraduate degree programs in biochemistry and molecular biology and related disciplines.


Certification exam

Holders of ASBMB-certified degrees demonstrate a thorough grasp of core competencies in biochemistry and molecular biology.


Student Chapters

A national community of undergraduate students and faculty members promoting the advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology.


Online teaching: Practices and resources

A collection of resources for instructors in biochemistry, molecular biology and related fields as they make a transition to remote learning.


Teaching strategies

Resources for teaching the core concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology.


Science outreach

Resources for conducting science outreach, including how-to guides, activities and more.

Online course

The Art of Science Communication

The Art of Science Communication is an online course that provides fundamental training in science communication, focusing on how to present science to a nonexpert audience in a formal setting, such as a public lecture.

Using video lectures, background material, virtual mentoring and discussions, the course covers the important components of what makes for a successful presentation, including messaging, generating interest and engaging with the audience.

The course is open to all scientists and STEM professionals.

young man speaking in front of an audience
More opportunities
Mentoring matters

Mentoring matters

Mentoring is important, but what does it mean to be a mentor? And how can you be a good mentee? More



Webinars on topics including getting funding, salary negotiation, research careers in industry and more. More

Teaching resources from ASBMB journals

JBC Classics

Seminal articles published in the JBC since its founding in 1905. More than 250 original papers by many of the legends in biological chemistry.

Due diligence

A series of articles by the ASBMB's data integrity manager on best practices for preparing data and figures for publication.

JLR Methods

Papers describing novel and valuable methodologies that lipid researchers can utilize in their own experiments

JBC Reviews

Read JBC Reviews to get expert insights into recent findings, ongoing controversies and unsolved questions across the scope of biological chemistry.

Tips for journal article authors

Tips from JBC's technical editor on writing titles and abstracts that generate interest and excitement among reviewers and readers.

A year of (bio) chemical elements

Marking the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev’s periodic table.