Online teaching: Practices and resources

The following resources were collected by a group of dedicated educators and ASBMB members. If you would like to submit additional resources for inclusion in these page, please fill out the form below.

A note from the organizers of this initiative:

We are a team of educators that has come together to provide resources for instructors in biochemistry, molecular biology and related fields as many of us make a quick transition to remote learning. Outlined below are some recommended practices.

We acknowledge the ASBMB for publicizing our work, but what is shared here does not reflect the views of the ASBMB. Some of these guidelines are supported and inspired by the literature, and others are drawn from the experience of online educators working with this team. Some of these tools will work better in some contexts than others; we hope to provide at least a starting point for instructors as they revise their course design for remote education.

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Organizing course materials and communicating with students

How to optimize your LMS, communicate with students and ensure equal access.


Course content: Borrow, adapt or create?

Advice on assembling course content and links to useful resources.


Asynchronous discussions / Discussion boards

Engage students and promote collaboration with discussion tools.


Collaboration and peer review

Tips on organizing both synchronous an asynchronous collaboration.


Online assessments

How to accurately assess students' learning remotely.


Online lab work

At-home alternatives to lab work, including modeling, literature analysis and more.


Other considerations

Other things to bear in mind as you move your course online.

Virtual event

Best practices in online teaching for BMB classrooms

This one-day virtual conference featured presentations and discussions on topics such as synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid teaching, virtual labs and assessment, and building a supportive...


Teaching in the time of COVID-19

Virtual issue of the BAMBEd journal with articles that can serve as useful resources for BMB educators who are converting their face-to-face courses to be online.

Thanks to the following for their work in assembling these resources:

  • Kristen Procko, Chemistry and Biochemistry with Molecular Memory
  • Jessica Bell, University of San Diego
  • Marilee Benore, University of Michigan Deerborn
  • Rachell Booth, University of the Incarnate Word
  • Daniel Dries, Juniata College
  • Debra Martin, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • Pamela Mertz, St. Marys College of Maryland
  • Victoria Moore, Elon University
  • Erika Offerdahl, Washington State University
  • Marvin Payne, La Sierra University
  • Quinn Vega, Montclair State University
  • Joseph Provost, University of San Diego
If you would like to submit additional resources for inclusion in these pages, please fill out this form.