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Journal of Biological Chemistry

Journal of Biological Chemistry

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The Journal of Biological Chemistry publishes high-quality science that seeks to elucidate the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes.

Papers published in JBC, which fall under the umbrellas of biological chemistry, chemical biology or biochemistry, also bridge allied disciplines such as biophysics, systems biology, RNA biology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, and many more.

The journal focuses on papers that contribute novel mechanistic insights rather than on a particular topic area, making JBC a melting pot for scientists across disciplines. In addition, JBC welcomes papers that describe methods that will help scientists drive their scientific inquiries forward and resources that will be of use to the research community.

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It is our goal to help scientists disseminate their findings in the most visible, efficient and effective way possible by keeping review times short, providing editorial feedback on manuscript text and promoting papers after publication. We believe it is our responsibility to safeguard the research we publish by providing high-quality review and maintaining strict standards on data presentation and deposition. Finally, we strive to ensure research equity by making all publications free to the public. Learn about JBC’s publication process.

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ASBMB members receive free online subscriptions to JBC and the society's other journals. Regular and industry members who publish as corresponding authors benefit from reduced publication fees for all ASBMB journals.

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Papers in Press

The latest submissions to JBC, fully reviewed and editorially accepted.


JBC Reviews

Get expert insights into recent findings, ongoing controversies and unsolved questions across the scope of biological chemistry.


Editors' Picks

These articles are accompanied by additional content summarizing the new findings and featuring the scientists involved.


Accelerated Communications

Articles that succinctly report particularly compelling advances across biological chemistry.



Seminal articles published in the JBC since its founding in 1905. More than 250 original papers by many of the legends in biological chemistry.


Early-Career Reviewer Board

These scientists are learning about the peer-review process, and we’re benefiting from their fresh and diverse perspectives.

Associate Editor Spotlight
Karin Musier–Forsyth

"I really like being an associate editor of a society-based journal that’s run by scientists from the editor-in-chief down to the AEs and the editorial board members. Because it’s run by scientists, I think the review process is really fair; the people that are reviewing the papers are also going to be wanting to publish someday."

JBC associate editors

Teaching resources

Tips for journal article authors

Tips from JBC's technical editor on writing titles and abstracts that generate interest and excitement among reviewers and readers.

Due diligence

A series of articles by the ASBMB's data integrity manager on best practices for preparing data and figures for publication.

JBC Reviews

Read JBC Reviews to get expert insights into recent findings, ongoing controversies and unsolved questions across the scope of biological chemistry.

The do's and don'ts of data analysis and reporting

What the JBC editors look for when it comes to data analysis and reporting.


Do you charge submission fees?
Are there any publication charges?
Yes. There are modest page charges, and authors can opt into our Author’s Choice open access publication model for an additional fee. Discounts are given when the corresponding author is a member of the ASBMB. Find more information about our pricing structure and join the ASBMB to receive free subscriptions to ASBMB journals and other benefits.
Do you charge color figure fees?
No. Although there are still real costs associated with preparation of color figures, even when they are only digital, we don’t want to limit the ability of our authors to display their data in the best way possible. Read more about our publication charges.
I want my paper to be open access. What are my options?

Since 2001, JBC has made all accepted articles freely available as Papers in Press. These are the author versions of accepted manuscripts and are published and freely available immediately upon acceptance. This model of open access is called green OA.

Authors also may opt in to our gold open-access model, called Author’s Choice, in which the finalized manuscripts are made freely available as soon as the paper appears in an issue. All finalized articles (Author’s Choice or not) are freely available to the public one year after publication. Editorials, Editors’ Picks, Editors’ Picks Highlights, Reflections and Classics are always free. Learn more about copyright and license to publish

Do I have to transfer copyright of my work to JBC?
No. When you submit a manuscript to JBC, you will be asked to give us the license to publish your work instead. Read more about our editorial policies.
Is supporting information allowed?
Yes, as long as all information that is essential to support the conclusions is in the paper itself. Read more about supporting information.