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Investigating public health careers

If you are a scientist who wants to protect the health of society, consider a public health career. The field is great for those who want to be real-life disease detectives.

Program highlight: BD’s Technology Leadership Development Program

The medical technology company BD has a training program for new scientists who want to get experience in different business units and roles. Our careers columnist spoke to a program participant about her experiences.

Overview of academic research, teaching and other positions

Our careers columnist investigated all the academic job titles she could find to understand what the options are for people looking to participate in research and teaching at colleges and universities.

Reworking your résumé for industry

Interested in entering or moving up in industry? Michael Matrone, associate director of the Office of Career and Professional Development at the University of California, San Francisco, offers tips for creating an effective résumé.

Professional development


Awards, grants and fellowships

The ASBMB provides numerous awards, grants and fellowships to scientists at all career stages.



Transform your grant applications! Learn from NSF, NIH and HHMI program directors how to write winning proposals for federal research funding.


The Art of Science Communication

An online course that provides fundamental training in science communication.


Science in a Flash: How to give a successful flash talk

March 12, 2 p.m. EST

Effective communication skills are critical to your success as a scientist. We often only have a few minutes, or a few sentences, to impress employers, influence granting agencies, or provide a quote to journalists.

So, what if we gave you one figure, three minutes, and a microphone to describe your research — could you do it?

In this webinar, a panel of skilled science communicators will share tips and tricks for giving a fast, informal presentation.

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Career tips

From building your online brand to dressing professionally, these short videos will help set you on the path to career success. More



Webinars on topics including getting funding, salary negotiation, research careers in industry and more. More