Career news
The other side of research

There are research administrators at all experience levels and at every stage of research.

Ups and downs of the
adjunct faculty position

Our careers columnist examines the pros and cons of the adjunct job: At times it can be a great choice, and at times it ends up being a bad deal.

The best of both worlds:
careers in tech transfer

If you’re passionate about academic research but are interested in industry, technology transfer and commercialization may be the career for you.

Professional development


Awards, grants and fellowships

The ASBMB provides numerous awards, grants and fellowships to scientists at all career stages.


IMAGE grant writing workshop

Transform your grant applications! Learn from NSF, NIH and HHMI program directors how to write winning proposals for federal research funding.


The Art of Science Communication

An online course that provides fundamental training in science communication.


Navigating life as a postdoc

Thriving as a postdoctoral researcher is a balancing act. While the hours, the workload and the pressure are challenges, a postdoc is an exciting opportunity to gain additional scientific training while establishing yourself as an independent researcher. So, how can you make sure that your time as a postdoc is productive and rewarding? In this webinar, our panelists discuss their experiences as postdocs and lessons they learned along the way.

Presented as part of the ASBMB's National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

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Recent webinars
Tips for applying for ASBMB accreditation

Tips for applying for ASBMB accreditation

Adele Wolfson and Peter Kennelly, who oversee the accreditation process, discuss the hallmarks of an ASBMB-accredited program and general guidelines and requirements for applicants. More

Small business research funding 101

Small business research funding 101

NCI SBIR Program Director Kory Hallett presents funding opportunities and other commercialization resources for small businesses in biochemistry and molecular biology. More