Core concept teaching strategies

The ASBMB, with support from the National Science Foundation, developed resources for teaching the core concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology, including course materials and assessment tools.

These concepts form the basis of the ASBMB's certification exam for undergraduate students in BMB programs.

Explore the teaching strategies


Foundational concepts

Concepts of energy and metabolism, structure and function, information storage and transfer, and scientific skills.


Threshold concepts

Concepts and skills that, when mastered, represent a transformed understanding of a discipline.


Assessment instruments and tools

Download lists of links to assessment instruments that can be used to measure student's engagement with the concepts.

More resources

Course materials from CourseSource

Articles that illustrate the concepts presented here.

Meeting planning guide

Includes a timeline of responsibilities, logistical information, registration, evaluation and permission forms, and an example agenda.

Workshop opening presentation

Slides used by the workshop presenter to begin the meeting.

Origins of concept-driven teaching

About the project that developed the strategies and its steering committee.