Life science research produces innumerable and invaluable benefits for humanity. We owe a debt of gratitude to the researchers whose curiosity and creativity have yielded therapies and technologies that have improved lives and fueled economies.

The ASBMB works to ensure that researchers’ voices are heard. Throughout the year, the ASBMB provides ways for its members to engage with Congress to ensure that their funding and policy needs are met.

The ASBMB's advocacy activities are supported by the Public Affairs Advisory Committee.

The ASBMB's policy positions

  • Protect American innovators by promoting an environment supportive of discovery.
  • Enact policies that strengthen the American scientific workforce.
  • Provide a predictable and sustainable funding environment for biomedical research.


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COVID-19 resources

Many funding agencies have released guidance and resources relating to the impact of COVID-19 on research.


Remote study sections

The coronavirus pandemic has forced federal agencies to move study sections to virtual settings, allowing reviews to continue while also allowing reviewers to follow federal guidance restricting travel and personal interactions.

In an effort to measure and understand the impact that remote peer review might have on science (positive or negative) the ASBMB encourages you to take a moment and share your thoughts and experiences regarding online study sections.

Policy news
We are here because we choose to be

Five months into a pandemic with arguably the world’s worst response, the United States can no longer take the easy way out and blame only politics for our downfall. We’re to blame, too.

NSF foreign influence probes net nearly two dozen

Meanwhile, feds charge Ohio State researcher with fraud and drop theft charges against Emory professor.

U.S. seeks to kick out and ban foreign students

Harvard and MIT sue government to stop rule change targeting F-1 and M-1 visa holders at or heading to institutions offering only online courses this fall because of COVID-19.

NIH struggles to address sexual harassment by grantees

While the agency has made progress with intramural cases, it has been less successful with extramural ones.

What the Supreme Court's DACA ruling means for undocumented students and the colleges and universities they attend

At least for now, hundreds of thousands of students can stay in school without facing new hardships.

When leaders choose self-interest over science, the consequences are deadly

As a result of the Trump administration’s actions and inaction, Ben Corb writes, the U.S. was late to adopt a testing protocol to help track and slow the spread of COVID-19.

NIH continues to investigate scientists’ foreign ties

The agency has investigated 189 scientists suspected of violating NIH policies and has found a majority of them guilty of failing to disclose foreign affiliations.

Bill would reform NSF and plant innovation hubs nationwide

The Endless Frontier Act would rename, add a directorate to and pump up to $100 billion in new funding into the agency. It also would fix the uneven distribution of jobs and capital concentrated now in just a few cities.

Get involved


Advocacy toolkit

Best practices for sharing your stories with the policymakers whose decisions affect your work.


Capitol Hill Day

A program that brings trainees from across the country to meet with their congressional leaders in Washington, D.C.


Advocacy Training Program

A six-month externship that provides the skills to create change and to become a leader for those seeking to do the same.

Grassroots Advocacy Network

Sign up for alerts about the bills we're tracking and how you can help.

Advocacy in action

Position statements

The ASBMB's position on various issues relating to the scientific community.


The ASBMB engages in correspondence with members of Congress, federal agencies and various other entities.

Congressional testimony

Written testimony that representatives of the ASBMB have given at Congressional hearings.

Press releases

An archive of policy related press releases from the ASBMB.

Unlimited Potential Vanishing Opportunity

A report on the difficulties scientists face in securing federal funds for research.


Recommendations for improving the sustainability of the research enterprise.


COVID-19 interruptions to NIH research

Join the ASBMB for a webinar with Michael Lauer and Jodi Black of the National Institutes of Health on understanding the funding implications of, and relief options for, the scientific community provided by the recently passed COVID-19 stimulus package — the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economy Security or CARES Act.

virus attack
More webinars
Protecting American science — and the international collaborators critical to its success

Protecting American science — and the international collaborators critical to its success

A webinar on policies, new and old, to promote research security and protect against foreign influence. With guest speaker Frank H. Wu. More

Procuring, administering and negotiating corporate funding for research

Procuring, administering and negotiating corporate funding for research

This webinar explores how scientists can obtain funding from corporations and other private entities to their support research. More