Life science research produces innumerable and invaluable benefits for humanity. We owe a debt of gratitude to the researchers whose curiosity and creativity have yielded therapies and technologies that have improved lives and fueled economies.

The ASBMB works to ensure that researchers’ voices are heard. Throughout the year, the ASBMB provides ways for its members to engage with Congress to ensure that their funding and policy needs are met.

The ASBMB's advocacy activities are supported by the Public Affairs Advisory Committee.

The ASBMB's policy positions

  • Protect American innovators by promoting an environment supportive of discovery.
  • Enact policies that strengthen the American scientific workforce.
  • Provide a predictable and sustainable funding environment for biomedical research.


Listen to the latest episode of the ASBMB's science policy podcast in which Public Affairs Director Benjamin Corb provides an update on the fiscal year 2020 appropriations process.

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Howard K. Schachman Public Service Award
France Córdova

The Honorable France Córdova is the 2019 recipient of the ASBMB Howard K. Schachman Public Service Award.

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Policy news
The ASBMB urges passage of FY20 omnibus with investments in science

The ASBMB responds to a two-part omnibus spending package that would fund the government for fiscal year 2020.

Your voice does matter

Even in these deeply partisan times, grassroots advocacy is effective. As a subject matter expert, you can educate your legislator about the value of science.

Advocating for more than money

Advocacy is about more than money. Even bills that don’t become law help identify which members of Congress support the scientific enterprise.

Advocates visit Capitol Hill

Twenty students joined members of the Public Affairs Advisory Committee for the ASBMB’s annual Hill Day, an opportunity to meet members of Congress and advocate for continued federal funding of biomedical research.

What we learned in the ATP

Seven members of the first group to complete the ASBMB’s Advocacy Training Program describe their experiences and share what they learned.

Get involved


Advocacy toolkit

Best practices for sharing your stories with the policymakers whose decisions affect your work.


Capitol Hill Day

A program that brings trainees from across the country to meet with their congressional leaders in Washington, D.C.


Advocacy Training Program

A six-month externship that provides the skills to create change and to become a leader for those seeking to do the same.

Grassroots Advocacy Network

Sign up for alerts about the bills we're tracking and how you can help.

Advocacy in action

Position statements

The ASBMB's position on various issues relating to the scientific community.


The ASBMB engages in correspondence with members of Congress, federal agencies and various other entities.

Congressional testimony

Written testimony that representatives of the ASBMB have given at Congressional hearings.

Press releases

An archive of policy related press releases from the ASBMB.

Unlimited Potential, Vanishing Opportunity

A report on the difficulties scientists face in securing federal funds for research.

Toward a Sustainable Biomedical Research Enterprise

Recommendations for improving the sustainability of the research enterprise.


Procuring, administering and negotiating corporate funding for research

Corporations play a unique role in the research pipeline, providing support to translate important basic research discoveries into treatments, therapies and cures for diseases and addressing important problems. This webinar explores how scientists can obtain, administer and negotiate funding from corporations and other private entities to support research.

Learn from Cherise Kent, Senior Director in Rutgers University’s Corporate Engagement Center, and Phil Thomas, an academic scientist who has founded biomedical companies and consults for private foundations and companies.

More webinars
Systems biology research in DOE's Office of Biological and Enviromental Research

Systems biology research in DOE's Office of Biological and Enviromental Research

Learn about the resources available from the DOE for biochemists and molecular biologists. More

Opportunities and challenges in securing private funding for your research

Opportunities and challenges in securing private funding for your research

This webinar explores how ASBMB members can obtain funding for basic research from private foundations, including disease-oriented and patient-focused philanthropic groups. More