Other considerations

Consider the issues of your students as you prepare to go online and know what your school is doing or planning to do to accommodate students without technology access. Do they have access to the internet is only one question to think about. How will you test them? Do they need to have a working printer? A phone to photograph/scan their work? Will students be able to do the testing or attend synchronous LMS sessions if there are other siblings or parents using the only computer? Can you give students the flexibility to work on class items in a given time range? 

Practice your plans to assess with a low points/stake quiz using the same plans as the full test. Find the glitches before the assessment is “live”.

Collaborate with your colleagues near and far. Can you combine exam questions with a colleague in your department teaching the same class so that you have a bigger pool of questions in your LMS assessments? Can you open your office hours to all students taking the same classes within your department so that students have more time options?

Know if your school is allowing changes to course syllabi or outlines as you transition online. If so, distribute through multiple avenues (i.e. email, LMS posting, etc.) a copy of the modified syllabus/outline to all students and be clear about the changes. Invite students to ask questions about any aspect that is not clear or they have concerns about. 

Finally be flexible, and recognize that as the virus does what viruses do, you and your students will be impacted in some way. This is not the semester to decide to have the best course ever. Your best effort will be more than good enough.  

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