Annual Meeting

Responding to the needs of educators post-COVID-19

A 2022 annual meeting session on education and professional development
Victoria Del Gaizo Moore Erin Sayer
By Victoria Del Gaizo Moore and Erin Sayer
Oct. 8, 2021

As co-chairs for education and professional development programming at the 2022 annual meeting in Philadelphia, we are excited to bring you thematic sessions that capture the needs of educators living in a world defined by words like "pandemic," "virus," "vaccines" and "quarantine." Educators are ready to move forward in their teaching and professional lives, and we are here to help.

ASBMB 2022 features two theme sessions to be held Sunday, April 3, and Monday, April 4. The Sunday session has panelists focused on inclusive communication — from developing collaborative environments to facilitating difficult conversations. The Monday session focuses on assessment — how we prepare and assess undergraduates for their future, using peer review to inform teaching and assessment of student learning.

Keywords: assessment, inclusive communication, education, professional development, faculty, teaching

Who should attend: teaching faculty, educators and higher education or department administrators

Theme song: "I'm still standing" by Elton John

Faculty and administrators are still standing after dealing with COVID-19 for the last year and a half. These education and professional development–focused sessions will cover some of the topics we need to respond to and keep moving forward in our ever-changing academic environment.

This session is powered by forward thinking.


  • Developing a collaborative environment to facilitate inclusive departmental communication — Todd Weaver, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
  • What makes a competitive applicant? Assessing students for graduate/professional school applications — Erin Sayer, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Strategies for an inclusive faculty search: Views from the search committee and the applicant — Anita Corbett, Emory University
  • Developing BMB assessment questions for use in the undergraduate classroom — Victoria Moore, Elon University
  • Peer collaboration and review: A guide to iterative improvement in learning — Dan Bernstein, University of Kansas
  • Creative approaches to perform an inclusive faculty search — Wendy Gilbert, Yale University

Additional talks will be announced; potential topics include "Trends in faculty assessment." Check the annual meeting page for updates.


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Check out all ten thematic symposia planned for the 2022 ASBMB annual meeting:

Victoria Del Gaizo Moore
Victoria Del Gaizo Moore

Victoria Del Gaizo Moore is an associate professor of chemistry at Elon University and serves on the ASBMB’s Accreditation and Exam Subcommittee.

Erin Sayer
Erin Sayer

Erin Sayer is an associate professor of practice in biochemistry education and advising at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She serves on the ASBMB Student Chapter Steering Committee as co-director of the Northwest Region.

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Calendar of events, awards and opportunities

Calendar of events, awards and opportunities

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Calendar of events, awards and opportunities

Calendar of events, awards and opportunities

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