Calendar of events, awards and opportunities

It's time to vote in the society's election, and time's running out to nominate colleagues for the ASBMB annual awards.
ASBMB Today Staff
April 21, 2024

Every week, we update this list with new meetings, awards, scholarships and events to help you advance your career. If you’d like us to feature something that you’re offering to the bioscience community, email us with the subject line “For calendar.” ASBMB members’ offerings take priority, and we do not promote products/services. Learn how to advertise in ASBMB Today.

April 23: Webinar on cell and gene therapies

At 11 a.m. on April 23, Endpoint News is hosting a webinar titled "Cell & gene day." It will include sessions with researchers, investors and business leaders who will discuss business models and how to keep pace with scientific breakthroughs in cell and gene therapies. Attendees will "find out the latest strategy behind moving the next generation of advances for patients forward." Learn more.

April 24: Apply for the ASBMB Advocacy Training Program

The ASBMB Advocacy Training program is a three-month externship (May through August) that provides hands-on science policy and advocacy training for ASBMB members. ATP delegates learn about science advocacy, the role of Congress and policymakers in funding science, and how to effectively advocate. With support from ASBMB public affairs staff, delegate will develop and execute their own independent advocacy activity to address an issue affecting the research enterprise and/or their communities. The application deadline has been extended. Apply by April 24.

April 30: Nominate colleagues for ASBMB annual awards

The ASBMB Annual Awards are given to outstanding professionals who have been recognized by their peers for contributions to their fields, education and diversity. The recipients will give talks about their work at Discover BMB, the ASBMB annual meeting, in Chicago in 2025. See the available awards and submit nominations.

April 30: Nominate chemists for C&EN's 2024 Trailblazers

Chemical & Engineering News is accepting nominations for its 2024 Trailblazers issue, which "will profile the lives and work of groundbreaking Hispanic and Latina/Latino/Latine chemists." Applicants are invited to share about their heroes and inspirations. Self-nominations are also welcome! Learn more.

April 30: Apply for microgrants for civic engagement

Research!America's Civic Engagement Microgrant Program supports "projects that create dialogue with public officials, local community leaders and the public around issues of common concern" by awarding microgrants of up to $3,000. STEM groups led by master’s, Ph.D., postdoc or professional students are invited to apply. Learn more.

Industry partnership opportunities

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has teamed up with Halo to provide ASBMB members fresh industry partnership opportunities each month. Learn more about ASBMB's partnership with Halo. Requests for assistance from companies seeking certain expertise and technologies include:

  • Bayer Pharma: Human stem cells from patients with genetically derived cardiomyopathy
  • Private company: Unique methods to measure intestinal water and cotransporter regulation
  • BASF: Biodegradable micro-encapsulation of active ingredients
  • Private company: Uncovering the “perfect” natural product from a specific bacteria

See the most recent opportunities.

May: ASBMB Lipid Research Division Seminar Series returns at no cost

The Lipid Research Division's Seminar Series are monthly presentations from young researchers highlighting their recent work in the field of lipids. Hosted by the ASBMB's Lipid Research Division, the series will return in May free of charge and open to the public. Stay tuned for more information and register.

May 9: Apply for DOE's Lawrence award

The U.S. Department of Energy's Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award honors midcareer U.S. scientists and engineers for exceptional technical contributions and achievements in research and development supporting DOE’s mission and its programs to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States. Learn more.

May 15: Apply for HHMI's Hrabowski program

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is now accepting applications for its national competition to select up to 30 early-career faculty members to join the 2025 cohort of the Freeman Hrabowski Scholars Program. Scholars committed to advancing inclusivity in science will be appointed for up to two five-year terms and receive up to $8.6 million in total support over 10 years. Learn more.

May 17: ASBMB's "Molecule of the Year" nominations due

This is your chance to recognize the discoveries at the heart of groundbreaking advancements, whether it's a revolutionary drug, an important metabolite or an incredible enzyme. Nominate your choice for the molecule of the year, and let's shine a spotlight on the molecules that make the world go round. Once the nominations are in, we'll open up to all ASBMB members to vote for their favorite molecule. Voting will run from May 27 to June 14. Learn more and submit your entry.

May 29: ASBMB webinar on DOD funding and training

Join the ASBMB public affairs department in its monthly “Finding the funds” webinar connecting ASBMB members with the unique funding opportunities available to them as BMB scientists. In this edition, the Department of Defense will present its funding priorities, award opportunities and training grants. Join us to discover the many ways you can get funded by DOD. The webinar starts at 2 p.m. Eastern on May 29. Learn more and register.

May 30: Vote in the 2024 ASBMB election

ASBMB members, it's time to vote in the 2024 ASBMB election. Open positions:

  • ASBMB Council: The ASBMB Council advises the president and executive director on setting priorities and strategic directions, overseeing resource allocations, and ensuring all activities align with the society’s mission.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer leads the ASBMB Finance Committee which assists the Council in fulfilling its financial oversight responsibilities by monitoring the society's financial resources, including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, internal controls and accounting policies, and investment fund strategies.
  • Nominating Committee: The ASBMB Nominating Committee nominates regular members of the society to stand for election for President, Council, Publications Committee and the Nominating Committee.
  • Publications Committee: The ASBMB Publications Committee oversees the society’s scholarly publishing activities, advises the Council on policy and ethical issues that may arise and advises journal editors about editorial matters, including the approval of associate editor appointments.
Learn more about the candidates and cast your vote by May 30.

June 10: Abstracts due for ASBMB transcriptional regulation meeting

Present your work Sept. 26–30 at this ASBMB conference in Alexandria, Va.

The fields of transcription biochemistry and molecular biology have become one with chromatin biology and epigenetics with extensive cross-talk. RNA polymerase II and its transcription machinery play an essential role in the modification and remodeling of chromatin, and chromatin regulates gene expression in both normal and pathological conditions. With recent innovations and technological advances in clinical and preclinical research, personalized medicine is becoming a reality, in part because of advances in our understanding of RNA polymerase II. Many established and new investigators have taken on the challenge of elucidating the molecular mechanisms of gene expression by RNA polymerase II in the context of chromatin. The community is highly dynamic and multi-disciplinary, with an ever-changing set of focal areas that establish new paradigms and new ways of thinking about the topic.

Even after decades of study, this research area continues to advance, reveal new concepts, and bolsters almost every other area of biology. Submit your abstract and get a discount on registration by June 10.

July 17: ASBMB webinar on NINDS funding and training

Join the ASBMB public affairs department in our monthly “Finding the funds” webinar where we connect ASBMB members with the unique funding opportunities that are available to them as BMB scientists. In this edition, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke will presents its funding priorities, award opportunities and training grants. Join us to discover the many ways you can get funded by NINDS.The webinar starts at 2 p.m. Eastern. Learn more and register.

Aug. 1: ASBMB "Molecular Motifs" bioart contest entries due

Help us celebrate the beauty of biochemistry and molecular biology by submitting your artwork to the ASBMB's "Molecular Motifs" contest! Submissions may include:

  • Photographs (fluorescence microscopy, cells, photos of 3D artworks etc.).
  • Molecular visualizations.
  • Data visualizations.
  • Biomedical illustrations.
This contest is open to ASBMB members of any type. Entrants must be ASBMB members at the time of submission. Our favorite submissions will win a prize — there'll also be a separate prize for submissions from Student Chapters! Learn more and submit your artwork.

Oct. 21–25: Conference on epigenetic regulation and genome stability

The ASBMB has partnered with the Biophysical Society of China for a meeting on the interplay between epigenetic regulation and genome stability. It will be held Oct. 21–25 in Wuhan, China. The topics include:

  • Epigenetic regulation of genome replication.
  • Dynamic epigenetic alterations maintaining genome stability.
  • Chromatin-based epigenetic inheritance.
  • The role of epigenetic alterations in cancer and aging.
There will be seven platform sessions devoted to oral presentations and two poster sessions. In addition to presentations from two keynote speakers and 30 invited speakers, there will be 14 short talks chosen from the abstracts submitted. Learn more and register.

Jan. 21–24: ASBMB Deuel Conference on Lipids

The 2025 Deuel conference will be at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, Calif. It is a must-attend event for leading lipids investigators — and for scientists who’ve just begun to explore the role of lipids in their research programs. This event will bring together a diverse array of people, including those who have not attended Deuel or perhaps any lipid meeting before. The conference is a forum for the presentation of new and unpublished data, and attendees enjoy an informal atmosphere that encourages discussion. Interested scientists are invited to attend and encourage trainees to submit abstracts. Read our Q&A with the organizers. Learn more.

March 31: Free online course on career planning for early-career scientists

"Career planning for early career scientists" is a free online course by iBiology that will help participants learn valuable career planning skills. Here are the course features:

  • Short videos that introduce you to important concepts and provide useful and practical tips for career planning.
  • Strategies for creating and executing an effective career plan.
  • Handouts, activities, and reading materials for a deeper dive into the topics.
  • A personalized “Career Planning Roadmap.”
The course is open for enrollment until March 31. Learn more.

Aug. 17–21, 2025: The 15th international symposium on proteomics in the life sciences

This five-day symposium, held at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., will be an international forum for discussion of the remarkable advances in cell and human protein biology revealed by ever-more-innovative and powerful proteomics technologies. Formerly known as the "International symposium on mass spectrometry in the health and life sciences," the meeting has been renamed to reflect the growing number of partial and non-mass spectrometry–based methods under discussion.

The symposium will juxtapose sessions about methodological advances with sessions about the roles those advances play in solving problems and seizing opportunities to understand the composition, dynamics and function of cellular machinery in numerous biological contexts. In addition to celebrating these successes, we also intend to articulate urgent, unmet needs and unsolved problems that will drive the field in the future. In addition to talks by invited plenary and session speakers, short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. See the program of our previous meeting.


  • Sunday minisymposium — Biofluid proteomics: discovery to clinic
  • Emerging technologies: Sample preparation and automation
  • Emerging technologies: Instrumentation and data generation
  • Emerging technologies: Single cell and spatial proteomics
  • Proteomics in structural biology and integration with other high resolution methods
  • Interactomics: Understanding pathways, networks and molecular machines
  • Chemical biology and chemoproteomics: Toward functional understanding of drugs and their targets
  • Cell, organellar and tissue biology: Signaling, cross talk and communication
  • Impact of clinical and translational proteomics in human health and treatment
  • Multiomics integrative analysis and the emerging roles of machine learning and neural models
Registration and abstract-submission information will be available in late 2024. Learn more and sign up for email updates to stay informed.

Do you have a great idea for a scientific event?

We are now accepting proposals for scientific events to be held in 2024 and 2025. You pick the topic, the sessions and the speakers, and we’ll do the rest.

That’s right! We’ll manage registration, market the event to tens of thousands of scientists, and handle all the logistics so that you can focus on the science.  

The top areas of research interest among ASBMB members include the following, but we’ll consider all proposals:  

  • Protein structure and folding 
  • Molecular bases of disease 
  • Gene regulation 
  • Signal transduction 
  • Metabolism 

What molecule, method or research question needs more attention? We’re here to help you realize your vision and deliver cutting-edge science to the BMB community. 

Propose an event.

Year-round: Van Andel Institute postdoc preview applications

Van Andel Institute offers sernior graduate students who are exploring postdoc options the opportunity to visit VAI to learn about its postdoctoral training positions. Applications are accepted year-round, and participants will meet one-on-one with faculty and explore VAI's scientific resources. There is no cost to attend for selected applicants. Learn more.

Year-round: HHMI Janelia Visiting Scientist Program applications

Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and established senior investigators are all invited to participate in Janelia's Visiting Scientist Program. Janelia accepts visitor proposals on a continuous basis. Since 2007, more than 410 visiting scientists from 23 countries have participated in the program. Learn more.

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