Virtual scientific events

The ASBMB provides members with a virtual platform to share scientific research and accomplishments and to discuss emerging topics and technologies with the BMB community. Length of program may vary depending on topic and need; typically a seminar is 1 to 2 hours, a workshop or conference may be longer or span multiple days.

The ASBMB will manage the technical aspects, market the event to tens of thousands of contacts and present the digital event live to a remote audience. Additional tools such as polling, Q&A, breakout rooms and post event Twitter chats may be used to facilitate maximum engagement.

Organizers can submit their proposal at any time and will be notified of a decision within 4-6 weeks of proposal receipt. The ASBMB virtual event guidelines will be provided to organizers upon proposal approval.


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Organizer information

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PDF or Word doc

Program information

Please provide the virtual event's title as you would like to see it advertised. The ASBMB may make recommendations regarding the final title of approved proposals.


Provide links to any webinars or virtual events the organizer/speaker(s) have participated in in the past. Please include number of participants.

Marketing and promotion

The ASBMB will market to targeted groups within its member and author databases via email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, membership magazine, online banner ads on the society’s publication websites and promotion at related ASBMB meetings as applicable.



The ASBMB encourages speaker diversity; participation of women scientists and scientists from underrepresented groups is encouraged.

Specify name, affiliation, email address and presentation title for each speaker.

Other information

Provide any other information that may help the Meetings Committee evaluate your proposal.