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Virtual scientific events

The ASBMB provides members with a virtual platform to share scientific research and accomplishments and to discuss emerging topics and technologies with the BMB community. Length of program may vary depending on topic and need; typically a seminar is 1 to 2 hours, a workshop or conference may be longer or span multiple days.

The ASBMB will manage the technical aspects, market the event to tens of thousands of contacts and present the digital event live to a remote audience. Additional tools such as polling, Q&A, breakout rooms and post event Twitter chats may be used to facilitate maximum engagement.

Organizers can submit their proposal at any time and will be notified of a decision within 4–6 weeks of proposal receipt. The ASBMB virtual event guidelines will be provided to organizers upon proposal approval.

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Virtual event formats

You’ll work directly with the ASBMB Meetings Office to plan your virtual event. Below are a few common formats for ASBMB virtual events:


Virtual conferences usually take place over several days and offer a mixture of seminars and workshops. Use virtual break-out rooms for networking and to foster discussion.


Virtual workshops usually last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days and provide attendees with in-depth how-to guidance. Increase participation and discussion by including virtual breakout rooms.


Webinars and virtual seminars are typically one to two hours long and usually feature one to five speakers, depending on the length of each speaker’s talk. There should be room built in at the end of each talk for a question and answer session.

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