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Society news briefs: March 2023

ASBMB Today Staff
March 14, 2023

Advocacy Training Program delegates leave their mark on policymaking

The 2022 delegates have impacted science policy at the local, state and federal levels. Read about their projects. Applications for the next cohort will be accepted starting in March. Learn more.

ASBMB endorses bill to make student loans more affordable

If passed, the Lowering Obstacles to Achievement Now Act would help decrease expenses for current and future borrowers. Read the society’s endorsement.

April 15: Applications for grant-writing workshop due

The Interactive Mentoring Activities for Grantsmanship Enhancement grant-writing workshop is designed to help early-career scientists and senior postdoctoral fellows write winning proposals for federal research funding. Apply. 

April 30: Annual awards nominations due

There’s still plenty of time to nominate a colleague for an ASBMB award. Learn about the award categories and criteria.

May 10: Abstracts due for motifs, modules and networks conference

This ASBMB conference on the assembly and organization of regulatory signaling systems will be held July 11 – 14 in Potomac, Maryland. The organizers are Wolfgang Peti of the University of Connecticut Health Center, Benjamin Turk of the Yale School of Medicine and Arminja Kettenbach of the Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine. Learn more.

June 1: Deadline for Sewer diversity scholarship applications

The ASBMB supports the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in science by offering the Marion B. Sewer Distinguished Scholarship for Undergraduates to students who show demonstrated interest in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology and who enhance diversity in science. This award provides $2,000 of financial support toward undergraduate tuition costs for one academic year. In addition, starting this year, scholarship recipients will attend several professional-development webinars and workshops on, for example, applying for graduate and/or medical school, writing a curriculum vitae, writing a personal statement and performing well during interviews. Get more information.

June 15: Deadline for regional meeting award applications

The ASBMB Student Chapters Regional Meeting Award supports small scientific meetings hosted by individual chapters or in collaboration with other schools or chapters. These meetings should bring students and faculty together, foster an exchange of ideas, and highlight research projects. Up to six regional meetings are funded annually. Learn more.

June 20: Abstracts due for CoA and CoA derivatives conference

The ASBMB conference on CoA and CoA derivatives to be held Aug. 16–18 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The organizers are Luigi Puglielli at UW–Madison, Suzanne Jackowski at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and James Ntambi at UW–Madison. Abstracts are due June 20. Learn more.

Save the date: Transforming undergraduate education in the molecular life sciences

Join us July 27–30 in Boston for an interactive, education-focused meeting. Learn about engaging approaches to support students and faculty in biochemistry and molecular biology. Reconnect with peers, meet new colleagues and increase your network of education-minded professionals. Learn more.

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