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JBC Tabor award winners to speak at Discover BMB

ASBMB Today Staff
March 16, 2023

The Journal of Biological Chemistry is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 JBC Herbert Tabor Early Career Investigator Awards. 

Named for the late editor-in-chief of the JBC, these awards recognize early-career scientists for their standout first-author papers published in the past year.

The winners will give talks during a symposium on Sunday, March 26, at Discover BMB in Seattle.

Click on the links below to read ASBMB Today profiles of the winners and their JBC papers.

Jenna Lentini, Regeneron
“Methyltransferase METTL8 is required for 3-methylcytosine modification in human mitochondrial tRNAs”
Ethan J.C. Walker, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
 “Protein folding stabilities are a major determinant of oxidation rates for buried methionine residues”  
Roshan Kumar , University of Michigan Medical School
“A redox cycle with complex II prioritizes sulfide quinone oxidoreductase-dependent H2S oxidation”
Anabel Gonzalez–Gil Alvarenga , Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Human brain sialoglycan ligand for CD33, a microglial inhibitory Siglec implicated in Alzheimer’s disease” 
Nishanth Kuganesan , University of Toledo   
“Tumor suppressor p53 promotes ferroptosis in oxidative stress conditions independent of modulation of ferroptosis by p21, CDKs, RB and E2F” 
Jodi Brewster , University of Wollongong
“Structures and kinetics of Thermotoga maritima MetY reveal new insights into the predominant sulfurylation enzyme of bacterial methionine biosynthesis”   
Julianty Frost , University of Liverpool
“Von Hippel–Lindau small-molecule inhibitor binding increases stability and intracellular levels of VHL protein”

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