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It's time to submit an annual meeting session or workshop proposal
ASBMB Today Staff
July 7, 2024

Every week, we update this list with new meetings, awards, scholarships and events to help you advance your career. If you’d like us to feature something that you’re offering to the bioscience community, email us with the subject line “For calendar.” ASBMB members’ offerings take priority, and we do not promote products/services. Learn how to advertise in ASBMB Today.

July 10: Abstracts due for ASBMB transcription meeting

Present your work Sept. 26–30 at this ASBMB conference on transcriptional regulation in Alexandria, Va., just outside of the nation's capital. Submit your abstract and get a discount on registration by July 10.

July 10: Webinar on immunometabolic features of cancer immunity

Greg Delgoffe of the University of Pittsburgh will discuss metabolic insufficiencies within the T cell compartment of solid tumors and "reveal novel insights into how these metabolic nodes may be modulated to improve the immune response to cancer" during a Technology Networks webinar at 12 p.m. Eastern on July 10.  Learn more.

July 15: Entries due for Science & SciLifeLab Prize

Scientists awarded a doctoral degree in 2022 or 2023 can enter to win the annual Science & SciLifeLab Prize for outstanding life science research. The grand prize winner will receive $30,000, and each category winner will receive $10,000. Learn more.

July 16–17: Virtual summit on making labs sustainable

The ReAdvance initiative is hosting its annual online summit, GreenLaboratoryWork, July 16–17. Topics include: how to reduce plastic, optimizing methods, greener items and procurement, safer chemicals and health in climate change, the impact of AI and machine learning, and how to convince colleagues. Learn more.

July 17: ASBMB webinar on NINDS funding and training

In this edition of our monthly “Finding the funds” webinar series, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke will present its funding priorities, award opportunities and training grants for BMB scientists. Learn more and register.

July 17: Webinar on nanotechnology in healthcare

Technology Networks is hosting an "Ask Me Anything" webinar on July 17 with Thomas Webster of Hebei University of Technology, China, about "harnessing the power of nanomaterials to revolutionize healthcare applications." Learn more.

July 22: ASBMB webinar on returning to work after caregiving

This webinar, sponsored by the ASBMB Women in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Committee, will focus on federal programs designed to support re-entry and retention in the scientific workforce after caregiving breaks. Read a recent ASBMB Today article about such programs. Learn more and register.

July 23: Webinar on metalloenzymes

At 9 a.m. Eastern on July 23, the Biochemical Society and Portland Press are hosting a webinar on "the innovative use of metalloenzymes in synthetic applications, synthetic cells mimicking living processes, and bacterial platforms utilising diverse carbon sources from renewable waste." Learn more.

July 26: Apply for the SACNAS Postdoc Leadership Institute

The Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science's Postdoc Leadership Institute is for "postdocs looking to develop their ability to bring their whole selves — including their culture — to their leadership practice." The PLI is a pre-conference program that will be held with the SACNAS annual meeting in Phoenix this fall. Learn more.

July 31: Apply for ENABLE–Africa Fellowships

Applications are being accepted through July 21 for five IUBMB MilliporeSigma ENABLE–Africa Fellowships of up to $2,000 for Ph.D.-seeking graduate students or junior researchers within five years of receiving a Ph.D. from any country in Africa to attend the annual FEBS–IUBMB–ENABLE Conference. Learn more and apply.

Aug. 1: ASBMB "Molecular Motifs" bioart contest entries due

Help us celebrate the beauty of biochemistry and molecular biology by submitting your artwork to the ASBMB's "Molecular Motifs" contest! Submissions may include:

  • Photographs (fluorescence microscopy, cells, photos of 3D artworks etc.).
  • Molecular visualizations.
  • Data visualizations.
  • Biomedical illustrations.
This contest is open to all ASBMB members until Aug. 1. Learn more and submit your artwork.

Aug. 4: Latin American Women in Chemistry Awards

The Latin American Women in Chemistry Awards, supported by the American Chemical Society and Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations, recognize women researchers and promote gender equality in STEM for Latin American and Caribbean communities. Winners will receive $2,000 cash prizes. Learn more.

Aug. 21: Science communication prize deadline

The Biochemical Society invites entries of articles, videos, podcast/audio pieces or infographics aimed at the general public and communicating a topic in the biosciences. Learn more.

Aug. 28: ASBMB webinar on outreach funding 

At the August installment of our “Finding the funds” webinar series, the ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Committee will host organizations that support broader impact efforts in community science outreach, civic engagement and informal education and cover the ASBMB's Science Outreach and Communication Grant program. Join us to discover the many ways you can get your science outreach funded. Learn more and register.

Aug. 31: Survey about scientific conferences closes

Ariane Wenger, a postdoc at the Transdisciplinarity Lab at ETH Zurich, is writing her thesis on changing conference practices and has developed a survey for researchers at all career stages. Learn more and take the survey.

Sept. 16: Deadline for ASBMB accreditation applications

ASBMB accreditation is a national, independent, outcomes-based evaluation mechanism that recognizes excellence in B.S. or B.A. degree programs in biochemistry and molecular biology and related disciplines. Accreditation assists BMB educators in meeting the growing demand from collegiate accrediting bodies, university administrators and other stakeholders for regular outcomes assessment. Independent evaluation provides an objective tool for pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in their curriculum. Learn more about the benefits of ASBMB accreditation and apply.

Oct. 21–25: Conference on epigenetic regulation and genome stability

The ASBMB has partnered with the Biophysical Society of China for a meeting on the interplay between epigenetic regulation and genome stability. It will be held Oct. 21–25 in Wuhan, China. There will be seven platform sessions devoted to oral presentations and two poster sessions. In addition to presentations from two keynote speakers and 30 invited speakers, there will be 14 short talks chosen from the abstracts submitted. Learn more and register.

Nov. 1: AAAS policy fellowship application deadline

The American Association for the Advanement of Science is accepting applications for the 2025–2026 Science & Technology Policy Fellowships class until Nov. 1. The program places 250-plus fellows "across all branches of federal government to learn first-hand about policymaking and use their knowledge and skills to address today’s most pressing societal challenges." Learn more and view the schedule of upcoming live chats to hear from program participants, alumni and AAAS staff about their experiences with the program.

Jan. 21–24: ASBMB Deuel Conference on Lipids

The 2025 Deuel conference in Long Beach, Calif., is a must-attend event for leading lipids investigators — and for scientists who’ve just begun to explore the role of lipids in their research programs. The conference is a forum for the presentation of new and unpublished data, and attendees enjoy an informal atmosphere that encourages discussion. Interested scientists are invited to attend and encourage trainees to submit abstracts. Read our Q&A with the organizers. Learn more.

March 31: Free course on career planning

"Career planning for early career scientists" is a free online course by iBiology that will help participants learn valuable career planning skills. The course is open for enrollment until March 31. Learn more.

Summer 2025: Save the date for ASBMB's meeting on ferroptosis

Ferroptosis is form of cell death that integrates biochemistry and molecular biology related to iron homeostasis, redox biology and diverse aspects of metabolism. This meeting will focus on the biochemical and molecular aspects of ferroptosis and how they relate to normal homeostasis and disruptions of homeostasis. Recent exciting advances in new pathways controlling ferroptosis make a meeting on this topic timely. Attendees will meet experts, present their research, get new ideas and form new collaborations in this rapidly growing field. Stay tuned for more information.

June 26–29, 2025: ASBMB's evolution and gene expression meeting

This meeting, which will be held at Stowers Institute in Kansas City, Mo., will showcase the most recent insights into the cis-regulatory code; how cis-regulatory information is read out by transcription factors, signaling pathways and other proteins; how cellular diversity is created during development; and how we can study this problem using cutting-edge genomics technology and computational methods. Learn more.

July 10–13, 2025: ASBMB's O-GlcNAc meeting

This meeting, which will be held in Durham, N.C., will cover O-GlcNAc cycling enzymes and the O-GlcNAc modification in modulating protein function in basic biological processes as well as in disease states, including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases. Graduate and postdocs will be selected for oral talks and discuss their work at poster sessions. Learn more.

Aug. 17–21, 2025: ASBMB's symposium on proteomics

This five-day symposium, held at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., will be an international forum for discussion of the remarkable advances in cell and human protein biology revealed by ever-more-innovative and powerful proteomics technologies. The symposium will juxtapose sessions about methodological advances with sessions about the roles those advances play in solving problems and seizing opportunities to understand the composition, dynamics and function of cellular machinery in numerous biological contexts. It will also articulate urgent, unmet needs and unsolved problems that will drive the field in the future. In addition to talks by invited plenary and session speakers, short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Registration and abstract-submission information will be available in late 2024. Learn more and sign up for email updates to stay informed.

Do you have a great idea for a scientific event?

We are now accepting proposals for scientific events to be held in 2024 and 2025. You pick the topic, the sessions and the speakers, and we’ll do the rest.

That’s right! We’ll manage registration, market the event to tens of thousands of scientists, and handle all the logistics so that you can focus on the science.  

The top areas of research interest among ASBMB members include the following, but we’ll consider all proposals:  

  • Protein structure and folding 
  • Molecular bases of disease 
  • Gene regulation 
  • Signal transduction 
  • Metabolism 

What molecule, method or research question needs more attention? We’re here to help you realize your vision and deliver cutting-edge science to the BMB community. 

Propose an event.

Request a Cloud Lab account from the NIH

National Institutes of Health staff and affiliated researchers are invited to register for Cloud Lab accounts. The goal of this self-paced, interactive program is to remove "barriers to cloud adoption by providing no-cost, customized, and scientifically relevant training, making it easier for researchers to learn about and explore the cloud with confidence." Participants will have access to a free cloud account and $500 of credits, which are valid for up to 90 days. Learn more.

Year-round: HHMI Janelia Visiting Scientist Program

Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and established senior investigators are all invited to participate in Janelia's Visiting Scientist Program. Janelia accepts visitor proposals on a continuous basis. Since 2007, more than 410 visiting scientists from 23 countries have participated in the program. Learn more.

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