Ferroptosis: Crosstalk between metabolism and biochemical homeostasis

Summer 2025

Ferroptosis is form of cell death that integrates biochemistry and molecular biology related to iron homeostasis, redox biology and diverse aspects of metabolism. Ferroptosis was first reported in the Stockwell lab in 2012, and the field has rapidly grown since then, with more than 10,000 papers on ferroptosis currently in PubMed. This meeting will focus on the biochemical and molecular aspects of ferroptosis and how they relate to normal homeostasis and disruptions of homeostasis. Recent exciting advances in new pathways controlling ferroptosis make a meeting on this topic timely.

Attendees will learn about this emerging area of ferroptosis and how it intersects with biochemistry, molecular biology, cell homeostasis and numerous related fields, such as iron, metabolism and ROS biology. In addition, attendees will meet experts in this set of fields, be able to present their relevant research, get new ideas and form new collaborations in this rapidly growing field.


Brent Stockwell Columbia University
Jin Ye University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Xuejun Jiang Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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