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Each year since 2019, ASBMB Today has dedicated the January issue of the magazine to wellness. As managing editor Comfort Dorn wrote about that first issue: "We asked our readers to share their strategies for keeping their minds and bodies healthy in the pressure-cooker world of scientific research. We received wonderful, varied, heartfelt responses that we shared in these pages." The same is true for the 2022 collection.

We invite you to join authors of this year's wellness articles for a Twitter chat later this month to share your experiences about the things that bring you peace and help keep you grounded, especially during the pandemic.

We'll have more details about the chat soon. In the meantime, enjoy these articles. More will be released throughout the month. We'll be tweeting about them using #ASBMBWellness. The print version will also be arriving to members later this month.

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Recent chats


Hispanic Heritage Month (part 1)

A Twitter chat about #scicomm in Spanish and science outreach activities for Hispanic and #LatinX communities.


Hispanic Heritage Month (part 2)

Questions 4-6 from the Twitter chat celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.



#ASBMB2022 abstracts, posters and the ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition Twitter chat.


#LGBTQinBMB (part 1)

During our LGBTQ+ Pride in BMB Twitter chat, our panelists and folks following along shared their experiences & discussed issues impacting LGBTQ+ scientists.


#LGBTQinBMB (part 2)

Questions 4 and 5 from the Twitter chat about #LGBTQinBMB.


Science outreach

ASBMB science outreach experts discussed how the current virtual environment has motivated a transformative approach to doing science outreach.


#BlackWomenInBMB (part 1)

On Feb. 25, ASBMB Today careers columnist Martina Efeyini hosted a Twitter chat about the experiences of #BlackWomenInBMB.


#BlackWomenInBMB (part 2)

Questions 5–9 from the Twitter chat about the experiences of #BlackWomenInBMB.