Journal of Lipid Research launches
junior associate editors program

Published April 01 2019

Junior associate editors of the JLR

Raymond Blind Raymond Blind
Vanderbilt University
School of Medicine
Research area: Nuclear lipid signaling and structure
Mentor: George Carman
Gissette Reyes-Sofer Gissette Reyes−Soffer
Columbia University
Irving Medical Center
Research area: Regulation and metabolism of Lipoprotein(a)
Mentor: Henry Ginsberg
Brandon Davies Brandon Davies
University of Iowa
Carver College of Medicine
Research area: Lipid metabolism in endothelial cells
Mentor: Stephen Young 
Rotonya Carr Rotonya Carr
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Research area: Metabolism and lipid droplets in liver disease
Mentor: Nick Davidson

The Journal of Lipid Research welcomes its first cohort of junior associate editors.

The four assistant professors, chosen from nominations made by the journal’s associate editors, are partnering with senior editors to learn how to manage the peer-review process.

“Engagement with the best and brightest young investigators in the lipid field is an investment in the future of JLR,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Kerry−Anne Rye said.

The new editors — two Ph.D.s and two M.D.s — already have accrued accolades and earned the community’s trust. Two are recipients of the JLR Junior Investigator Award. One won the Journal of Biological Chemistry/Herb Tabor Young Investigator Award. Another is on the Deuel Conference board.

Co-Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Davidson said the program’s mission is two-fold: “It’s demystifying the peer-review process and also teaching what we hope are going to be the next generation of full associate editors.”

The new editors are serving a two-year term from March 1, 2019, to Feb. 28, 2021.

They also will contribute a new type of article to the journal — commentaries on exciting lipid research published elsewhere.

This article was updated April 26, 2019. The spelling of Gissette ReyesSoffer's last name and the name of Brandon Davies' mentor were corrected.


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