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ASBMB inducts honor society members

Stephanie Paxson
Aug. 16, 2021

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honor Society (Chi Omega Lambda) recognizes exceptional undergraduate juniors and seniors pursuing degrees in the molecular life sciences at colleges or universities with ASBMB Student Chapters. Students are recognized for their scholarly achievement, research accomplishments and outreach activities.

The honor society inducted 30 new members this year. Meet them here. Learn more about them on the ASBMB’s education page.


Nick Amendola recently graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Hestarts medical school in the fall and is considering a career in academic medicine to help train future physicians and continue doing research.


Kimaya Bakhle recently graduated fromPurdue University andnow is taking a gap year to do research in the pathology department at Purdue’s college of veterinary medicine. She hopes to attend veterinary school.


Ashleigh Bonanno recently graduated from St. Mary’s University College of Maryland and is taking a gap year, working in a military research lab while applying to medical schools with the goal of becoming an emergency room physician.


Elijah Castro plans to apply to medical school after he graduates from Marymount Manhattan College, with the goal of becoming a doctor in medicine and continuing research in molecular biology.


Taylor Collington recently earned a B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Tampa and will attend medical school in the fall. She plans to continue doing research in her medical career.


Victoria DeMarco is a biochemistry major at Monmouth University. After graduating in 2022, she plans to go directly into the science field either as a forensic scientist or as a research chemist.


Shadé Eleazer, a junior at Marymount Manhattan College with a double major in biomedical sciences and behavioral neuroscience, hopes to complete an M.D. specializing in internal/emergency medicine and a Ph.D. focusing on conscious and unconscious bias.


Teyana Grooms majored in biochemistry and minored in biology at Stephen F. Austin State Universitywith the goal of becoming a pharmacist and assisting in the mass production and shipping of life-saving medications.


Khaitlyn Figueroa is majoring in biology and minoring in chemistryatManhattan College. She plans to take two gap years to solidify her clinical experience before applying to medical school.


Nour-Saïda Harzallah majored in molecular biology and biochemistry and physics at Wesleyan University.She hopes to pursue a career in biomedical engineering, with a focus on molecular oncology research.


Anna Hu majored in biochemistryat St. Bonaventure University. Sheplans to attend medical school and hopes to make impactful contributions to individual patient care, community education and population research.


Isabella Jacus recently graduated with honors in religion and biology with a specialization in biomedical and health sciences from Saint Leo University. She plans to attend medical school.


Kayla Karnes received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in May from Texas Wesleyan University and plans to earn a Ph.D. in biological chemistry and pursue a career in research.


Anahita Keer graduated with honors in May from Texas Wesleyan University and plans to attend New York University to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry. She then intends to complete her postdoc and build a career in academia.


Han Beom (Jack) Kwon plans to earn his M.A. in molecular biology and biochemistry through the Wesleyan UniversityB.A./M.A. program and then pursue either a Ph.D. in a related field or a research career in industry.


Hope Lewis is scheduled to graduate from Otterbein Universityin spring of 2022. She then plans to attend medical school to study pediatric oncology.


Shawn H. Lin is a junior at Wesleyan University majoring in biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, and biophysics.


Elizabeth Lucas is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Shelooks forward to continuing her education and would like to go on to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in genetic counseling.


Lucasantiago (Luca) Henze Macias graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso and will start graduate school in the biochemistry and cell biology program at Rice University in fall 2021.


Diandra Mastrogiacomo graduated from the University of Tampa with a B.S. in biochemistry in May and started the medical sciences Ph.D. program at the University of South Florida in August.


Rylee McDonnell recently graduated from Goucher Collegeas a biochemistry and molecular biology major with a premedical concentration. She intends to take a gap year before attending medical school.


Alex Meyer recently graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincolnas a biochemistry major. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in pharmacology.


Aiah Nour is a senior biochemistry major at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. After graduation in December, she hopes to enroll in an M.D–Ph.D. program.


Nicki Nouri recently completed her third undergraduate year at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in biology with minors in chemistry and entrepreneurship. She aspires to attend a D.D.S.–Ph.D. dual degree program.


Alex Poppel is a master’s student in the molecular biology and biochemistry department at Wesleyan University. He intends to earn a Ph.D. in structural biology and work in the pharmaceutical industry.


Paulina Rios aims to obtain a B.S. in biological sciences with a biomedical concentration at the University of Texas at El Paso and then earn a biochemistry Ph.D. to prepare for employment in the pharmaceutical industry or at a government health institution.


Elizabeth Scott is an undergraduate at Marymount Manhattan College with a double major in biomedical sciences and urban and environmental sustainability. She intends to pursue an M.Sc. or an M.P.H. and later a Ph.D. in environmental health sciences.


Ryan Torres, an undergraduate at Manhattan College,recently was accepted into the University of Michigan’s program in chemical biology. After earning a Ph.D., he hopes to transition into the biotech industry or a government lab position.


Maya Vaishnaw is a member of the Wesleyan University class of 2021 with a molecular biology and biochemistry and psychology double major. She hopes to pursue research in clinical genetics.


Zach Williams is set to graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2022 as a biomedical science major and chemistry minor. He then plans to attend Upstate Medical University to earn an M.D. and possibly a Ph.D. as well.


Huey-Xian (Kelly) Wong is an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She aspires to become a physician specializing in psychiatry or obstetrics/gynecology.

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