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Introducing short courses at Discover BMB in San Antonio

Learn how to launch your lab, your grant or your science communication skills in these intensive three-hour courses at the meeting in March
Kirsten F. Block
Feb. 14, 2024

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s annual meeting, Discover BMB, in San Antonio will introduce a, relatively, new session format to kick your professional-development experience off on a high note.

Three different ASBMB committees have taken the lead to help us build a small array of three-hour intensive short courses to be held on Saturday, March 23.

Lab launch: An introduction for future and new faculty members

While not entirely new, the lab-management workshop that debuted at Discover BMB 2023 in Seattle has been refreshed by the ASBMB Membership Committee.

In this interactive session, facilitators will walk new and aspiring principal investigators through key elements of managing a budget.

With the caveat that unique institutional policies mean there is no one-size-fits-all template for building a lab budget, experienced PIs and facilitators will help you identify what to prioritize and what is often forgotten when trying to map out how much research costs.

This course will also focus on managing the people necessary to run a research program, and that includes a heavy emphasis on managing conflict and navigating difficult conversations.

Broadening your impact through the art of science communication

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Discover BMB, the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, will be held March 23–26 in San Antonio. Register for short courses and other special events when you register for the meeting

Building from the success of ASBMB’s eight-week online course, The Art of Science Communication, the ASBMB Science Outreach and Communication Committee will host a short course on broadening your impact through science communication.

Learn how to take your science out of the lab and share it with different audiences in ways that are accessible and impactful. In this session, you’ll apply the core concepts in ASBMB’s Art of Science Communication course to become a more effective science communicator.

Bring your abstracts and prepare to transform your research into a scientific story with an emphasis on knowing your audience and using frames and terminology relevant to your audience.

Launching your grant with an effective specific aims page

If you are new to the grant-writing game, the ASBMB Education and Professional Development Committee has you covered with its new short course on specific aims.

Specific aims are one of the most crucial parts of any grant proposal. What does it take to write aims that are intellectually intriguing, feasible yet forward-reaching and stand up to scrutiny?

This short course will examine strategies for success and common pitfalls to avoid. Apply these principles to your own one-pager, and walk away from this conference with added momentum to finish and submit your grant proposal.

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Kirsten F. Block

Kirsten F. Block is director of education, professional development and outreach at the ASBMB.

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