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Something for everyone at #DiscoverBMB

Ann Stock
Oct. 3, 2022

When I was a junior faculty member, I hesitated to bring students to scientific conferences until they were well along in their research and had a mostly complete story to present. An experience with a grad student in my lab made me rethink this policy.

Presenting a poster sparked this trainee to feel like he owned his research. This student, who previously had sought to be led through every experiment, returned from the meeting brimming with ideas for his next experiments and suggestions for collaborations he had discussed with visitors to his poster. I learned that presenting research at a scientific conference can transform a student.

Now it’s time for us to look ahead to the 2023 ASBMB annual meeting, Discover BMB, to be held in Seattle March 25–28. The deadline for abstract submissions and travel award applications is Nov. 30 — just two months away.

#DiscoverBMB will be the society’s first independent annual meeting in recent years. It is an important opportunity for students and postdocs who were unable to attend in-person scientific conferences during the first two years of the pandemic. If the vibrancy and energy of grad students I witnessed at two recent university-sponsored symposia are an indication, trainees are eager to present their research and gain feedback on their projects.

Check our meeting website for abstract-submission instructions and information about travel awards for first authors presenting research. The 2023 Program Planning Committee and the Meetings Committee will review abstracts with authors anonymized to minimize the potential for bias. They will schedule poster sessions and select abstracts for talks in 53 spotlight sessions. Abstracts will be published in a supplement to the Journal of Biological Chemistry. As you contemplate submitting abstracts, take a look at Bill Sullivan’s guide to writing a killer abstract. Don’t forget to join the society or renew your membership to secure the reduced rate for abstract submission.

We’ll emphasize opportunities for networking at #DiscoverBMB. The exhibit hall will be configured as a central hub for interactions, with continuous events, including:

  • Opening welcome reception.
  • Intermingled scientific posters and exhibit booths.
  • Dedicated time for scientific poster sessions (with refreshments).
  • Meet the Experts sessions with several of the day’s speakers.
  • Career-development and mentoring events.
  • Job postings, with opportunities for candidate interviews.
  • Meetup areas for scientists with similar interests.
  • Exhibitor panel discussions on industry careers.
  • Games, raffles, prizes and other fun activities.
  • Community outreach day for K–12 students and teachers.

The exhibit hall will be configured to maximize opportunities for interactions with exhibitors. Aside from the always-popular snacks and swag at the booths, exhibitors give researchers the latest information about new products and instruments, emerging technologies, and educational tools. And with so many early-career researchers able to meet face-to-face with representatives from the companies most relevant to BMB research, the exhibit hall provides a rich networking environment for prospective employees and employers.

Researchers — it’s time to submit abstracts. Exhibitors — it’s time to reserve booths. Everyone — mark your calendars. We hope you plan to come to Seattle and #DiscoverBMB in spring 2023!

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Ann Stock

Ann Stock is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers and resident faculty member at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine. She became the ASBMB’s president in July 2022.

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