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Interest group sessions for your #DiscoverBMB itinerary

Connect with colleagues with shared scientific and pedagogical concerns and curiosities in San Antonio
Marissa Locke Rottinghaus
Nov. 2, 2023

Interest group sessions at Discover BMB 2024 in San Antonio will bring together attendees with similar interests to share their recent findings, exchange ideas and establish connections.

The sessions will be held on the first day of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting, March 23, and feature speakers, discussion groups, breakouts and other types of networking activities.

The 2024 interest groups are described briefly below.  Keep an eye on for more details, including the speaker lineups.

Current understanding of DNA base excision repair pathway and its relevance to cancer

Zucai Suo and Patrick O'Brien.

Zucai Suo, Florida State University College of Medicine
Patrick O'Brien, University of Michigan Medical School

Learn about the cutting-edge biochemistry, biophysics and cell biology techniques that will bolster your cancer biology studies. Speakers will discuss recent findings on the role of the DNA base excision repair pathway in cancer initiation and progression. Exchange ideas during roundtable discussions and casual networking.

O-GlcNAc regulation of cellular physiology and pathophysiology

Gerald Hart and Lance Wells

Gerald W. Hart, University of Georgia
Lance Wells, University of Georgia

Dive into the world of O-GlcNAcylation of nuclear, cytoplasmic and mitochondrial proteins and the cellular stress response. Attendees will first get caught up to date with a short background talk on the roles of O-GlcNAc in survival/death signaling pathways and the regulation of autophagy. This will be followed by talks describing the latest on the mechanistic roles of O-GlcNAcylation in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Get your pressing questions answered during a short Q&A session as well as a panel discussion.

Membrane proteins

Francisco Barrera and Matthias Buck

Francisco Barrera, University of Tennessee
Matthias Buck, Case Western Reserve University

Engage in discussion on proteins embedded in membranes. Speakers will discuss cryogenic electron microscopy structures of membrane receptors and transporters as well as single-molecule methods and molecular dynamics simulations. Make connections during an audience-driven Q&A session followed by an interactive, networking panel discussion.

International collaborations to promote global health Initiatives

James Ntambi and Edward Eisenstein

James Mukasa Ntambi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Edward Eisenstein, University of Maryland College Park

Join forces with researchers interested in providing sustainable agricultural, nutritional, health and educational interventions through service-learning and research to combat disease in developing nations. Speakers will cover how researchers can enhance their global engagement in areas such as epigenetics, genomics and proteomics. Network with researchers across biochemistry during a moderated Q&A session as well as a casual meetup. 

RNA & gene regulation research at primarily undergraduate institutions

Megan Filbin and Neena Grover

Megan E. Filbin, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Neena Grover, Colorado College

Meet RNA researchers at primarily undergraduate institutions and discuss approaches to make undergraduate research more accessible. Speakers will include members of the RNA@PUI Supergroup, who will share their undergraduate research projects. After the presentations, attendees can participate in an informal networking session to share ideas and establish collaborations.

Multifaceted mitochondria

Oleh Khalimonchuk and Laura Lackner

Oleh Khalimonchuk, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Laura L. Lackner, Northwestern University

Explore the diverse qualities of the mitochondria with scientists who study the powerhouse of the cell. Trainees and emerging investigator speakers will illustrate the intersection of basic mitochondrial biology and the molecular mechanisms of disease and aging. A short networking session will energize attendees and create synergy among researchers.

Signal transduction: an emergent behavior of biomolecular condensates

Josh Andersen and Carlos Castañeda

Josh Andersen, University of Utah
Carlos Castañeda, Syracuse University

Forge connections while discussing phase separation and cell signaling. Speakers will highlight how inhibition or activation of kinases and other enzymes, compartmentalization of enzymes and substrates/cofactors within the cell and posttranslational modifications regulate phase separation. Organizers will invite and help attendees to join a Slack community to keep in touch.

Emerging PTMs: AMPylationPlus Part II

Kim Orth and Anju Sreelatha

Kim Orth, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Anju Sreelatha, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Shed light on AMPylation, a posttranslational modification that involves the addition of an adenosine monophosphate to protein substrates. Speakers will explore the biochemical mechanisms of enzymes that catalyze AMPylation, novel approaches to study AMPylation and the functional role of AMPylation in health and disease. Stick around and exchange ideas during a networking period.

Cryo-electron microscopy: from single particle to tomography

Elizabeth Wasmuth and John Jimah

Elizabeth Wasmuth, University of Texas Health at San Antonio
John Jimah, Princeton University

Learn about cutting-edge advances in cryo-electron microscopy. Speakers will give an overview of the field and cover recent advances as well as developing methodologies for cryo-electron tomography and single-particle processing. Establish collaborations and get tips on your own cryo-EM work during a panel discussion and networking period.

Bridging cutting-edge innovation in mass spectrometry–driven proteomics between academic and industrial labs to elucidate novel biology in human disease

Mark Witmer and Cheng-Yu Chen

Mark R. Witmer, Bristol Myers Squibb
Cheng-Yu Chen, Bristol Myers Squibb

Join industry scientists and academic researchers for a discussion on how to strengthen the academic–industry interface. Speakers will discuss how researchers can use mass spectrometry–proteomic technology to expand capabilities and throughput for exploring new therapies. Talks from industry and academia experts will be followed by small group sessions to brainstorm new ideas.

TDP-43: from protein folding and structure to aggregation and importance as a biomarker

Fabrizio Chiti and Emanuele Buratti

Fabrizio Chiti, University of Florence
Emanuele Buratti, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Get the latest insights on TDP-43 research, including a cryo-electron microscopy structure of TDP-43 isolated from patients. Speakers will discuss structural insights, the use of TDP-43 as a biomarker as well and the role of TDP-43 in neurodegenerative diseases. After short talks, attendees will have the opportunity to mingle, network and establish collaborations during a casual networking period.

Inter-organ communication in cellular and immune homeostasis

Narendra Kumar and Jayshree Mishra

Narendra Kumar, Texas A&M University
Jayshree Mishra, Texas A&M University

Find out how organs communicate to maintain homeostasis. Speakers will explore the microbiota–gut–brain axis, gut–immune interactions, gut–liver axis, impact of DNA damage response on tissue crosstalk and signaling mediators of inter-organ communication. The short talks followed by panel discussions, Q&A and networking.

Nutrient sensing posttranslational modifications: metabolism and disease

Lauren Ball and Fangliang Zhang

Lauren Ball, Medical University of South Carolina
Fangliang Zhang, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Explore how posttranslational modifications contribute to health and disease. Speakers will cover the regulation of physiological and pathophysiological conditions by nutrient-sensing posttranslational modifications as well as emerging techniques to detect posttranslational modifications. After the talks, meet other investigators in the field during a networking period.

New advances in cardiovascular metabolic disease research

Mei-Zhen Cui and Yabing Chen

Mei-Zhen Cui, University of Texas Permian Basin
Yabing Chen, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Join your colleagues to learn about the latest discoveries in cardiovascular metabolic disease research. Speakers will discuss recent findings on cardiometabolic vascular stiffness and aging, aneurysm, vascular and microvascular function/dysfunction, macrophage sciences and signaling. Each talk will be followed up with a short, dynamic Q&A session. Network with cardiovascular researchers during a panel discussion and casual networking period.

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Marissa Locke Rottinghaus

Marissa Locke Rottinghaus is the science writer for the ASBMB.

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