Annual Meeting

Art, fashion, freebies and more are in store at #DiscoverBMB

Fun stuff to do and see in the exhibit hall in March in San Antonio
ASBMB Today Staff
Jan. 16, 2024

After you’ve soaked up a ton of science during Discover BMB’s thematic symposia, award lectures, interest groups and more, head on down to the exhibit hall floor for a nice change of pace.

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting always attracts vendors, who certainly will be showcasing their services and wares, but you’ll also find lots of speakers sharing insights about careers, hands-on activities for the makers and creatives among you and plenty of prizes, freebies and keepsakes.

Here are just some of the fun things in store for you.


Say ‘cheese’!

Back by popular demand! Many of us are guilty of reusing the same old headshot year after year, which is why we’re making it easy for you to get a new professional portrait taken during Discover BMB. Put on your nice clothes (at least from the waist up) and a happy face and take advantage of this helpful service.


Molecular Motifs contest winners​

“There is an art to science, and science in art the two are not enemies, but different aspects of the whole,” biochemistry professor and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said. Get reminded of the beauty of biochemistry, and check out the winning submissions for the Molecular Motifs bioart contest.


Put a pin on it! ​

If being away from the lab causes a case of idle hands, get your craft and creativity on at our button-making station! After you’re done, pin that button to your lanyard to show off your skills.



Science swag and style​

Every day can be casual Friday if you have the right graphic tee, amirite? Bring a little spending money to the ASBMB booth and snag a shirt commemorating the meeting — and maybe sporting a little attitude.


Visit with vendors

You don’t have to have purchasing authority to chat up the vendors exhibiting their goods and providing their product knowledge. They’ve reserved booths to not only showcase what they have to offer but also to learn more about what you need. So stop by and share your experiences and goals. You might be in for a sweet treat, too.


Mingle at meetups

Bring your business cards because the #DiscoverBMB meetups are back! Get together with people with shared scientific interests and other passions at these informal gatherings. As ASBMB President Ann Stock recently wrote, the exhibit hall is "a central hub for interactions." The meetups are at the core of that networking machinery, so take advantage of them.

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