Annual Meeting

The advocacy town hall is more than a free lunch

Benjamin Corb
Jan. 6, 2022

A continuing annual event at this year’s American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting will be our Advocacy Town Hall, hosted by the society’s Public Affairs Advisory Committee. Tucked into a scientific meeting, the town hall is an informative and interactive event where ASBMB members have a chance to share their needs and concerns with the ASBMB policy team. It is truly your opportunity to shape our agenda.

Benjamin Corb, the ASBMB’s director of public affairs, leads the Advocacy Town
Hall at the 2019 ASBMB Annual Meeting. Also pictured is Matt Gentry, who was then
president of the Public Affairs Action Committee.

The past several years have been a challenge for researchers, students and trainees. From intensified politicization of science to hypercompetitive funding environments to research interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s scientists face a variety of unique obstacles beyond the expected challenges that define basic biomedical research. The ASBMB public affairs department works with science funding agencies, the Biden administration and Congress to develop policy solutions that will improve the research environment for our members.

We are excited to come to Philadelphia — the cradle of American democracy — to share our objectives with the ASBMB membership. Throughout 2022, we plan to work to implement policies that will improve international collaboration in science, identify ways to reimagine science funding for 21st century researchers and their labs, and build a workforce that is diverse and inclusive.

Moreover, we are excited to hear from you about what you need from your public affairs team. What issues do we not know exist that need to be addressed? How can we better serve your needs and improve your research experience? How can we all work together to ensure that policymakers both appreciate how your work improves the lives of Americans and understand the unique challenges you face?

In previous Advocacy Town Hall sessions, ASBMB members have started thoughtful conversations among attendees and staff on topics ranging from how scientists can get more involved in advocating for their future and careers to how organizations like the ASBMB can do more to support scientists with issues such as the unique needs of women and minority researchers. We’ve also shared advice on sources of funding and career development.

This event is more than an opportunity to grab a lunch on us between science talks. Come for the sandwich, but stay for the dialogue.

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Benjamin Corb

Benjamin Corb is director of public affairs at ASBMB.

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