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New members: May 2019

ASBMB Today Staff
By ASBMB Today Staff
May 1, 2019
Meshal Alfheed, Qassim University
Yousef Alharbi, Qassim University
Aishah Al-Jarallah, Kuwait University
Abdullah Alrashed, Qassim University
Chenoa Arico, University of Texas at El Paso
Akanksha Bansal, University of Calgary
Ruthie Barbas, Spectrum Brands Inc.
Jessica Beckham, Middle Tennessee State University
Manas Biswal, University of South Florida
Ashis Biswas, New Mexico State University
Kaylee Brabham, St. Bonaventure University
Martin Brenneman, Ohio Northern University
Henry Brothers
Alexandra Caguana, Montclair State University
Philip Cammarata, St. Bonaventure University
Mariangeles Campos, Montclair State University
Ciara Carpenter, Montclair State University
Kathy Castor, Montclair State University
Saiful Chowdhury, University of Texas at Arlington
David Cobrinik, University of Southern California
Tyler Cook, Loyola University Chicago
Brock Couch, Middle Tennessee State University
Aimee Cruikshank, University of North Florida
Anjelica DaSilva, University of North Florida
Crsitiano Dias, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Emre Dikici, University of Miami
Aiste Dobrovolskaite, University of Central Florida
Amalia Dolga, University of Groningen
Kristiann Dougherty, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Garrett Dunlap, Harvard University
Yaritza Escamilla, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Serena Estevez, Hillsborough Community College
Brandon Eudy, University of Florida
Baggio Evangelista, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Nathan Forney, Otterbein University
Jarrod French, Stony Brook University
Callan Frye, Medical University of South Carolina
Ciara Golliher, University of North Florida
Matthew Greseth, Medical University of South Carolina
Gerald Grunwald, Thomas Jefferson University
Jeisac Guzman Rivea, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus
Lillian Hewitt, University of North Florida
Laszlo Homolya, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Nazar Hussein, Kent State University
Joseph Hwang, MilliporeSigma
Houssine Ikhlef, University of Central Florida
Camille Immanuel, University of Kentucky
Mahnoor Izhar, University of North Florida
Jodiene Johnson, Fisk University
Paul Johnson, University of North Georgia
Geoffrey Kapler, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Jack Kavanaugh, University of North Florida
Debra Kellogg–Yelder, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Saran Kone, St. Bonaventure University
Michael Larock, St. Bonaventure University
Katherine Leon Hernanzed, Montclair State University
Yunan Li, University of Minnesota
Melissa Locke, University of California, Berkeley
Broderick Lu, University of Massachusetts Boston
Phillippe Ly, California State University, Long Beach
Sonal Mahindroo, St. Bonaventure University
Ramon Martinez, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Nathaniel McClure, St. Bonaventure University
Gillian Melikian, Providence College
Michael Merchant, University of Lousiville
Carlen Merritt, Marshall University
Jyotsna Mishra, Medical College of Wisconsin
Holly Moots, University of Central Florida
Young–Jae Nam, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Elizabeth Nolan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rachel Osborn, Otterbein University
Michael Parsons, Marshall University
Kathryn Pearce, Ohio Northern University
Oksana Penezina, Tokyo Chemical Industry Co.
Otto Phanstiel, University of Central Florida
Hannah Richter, University of Pennsylvania
Neishaly Rivera, Universidad Interamericana, de Puerto Rico
Antonieta Salguero, Johns Hopkins University
Fernanda Santos, Adventist University of Health Sciences
Claire Schaef, St. Bonaventure University
Samantha Schwartz, Emory University
James Scott, Kennesaw State University
Sally Seder, Montclair State University
Vandana Sekhar, University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Savita Sharma, University of Kentucky
Yujiang Shi, Harvard Medical School
Tala Shourbagitello, University of North Florida
Melanie Silva, Montclair State University
Andrew Smith, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Patrick Sochor, Arizona State University
Kennon Stewart, Tulane University
Natalie Sumser, Otterbein University
Krissie Tellez, Stanford University
Dorothea Tholl, Virginia Tech
Claire Todd, Otterbein University
Ashutosh Tripathi, Texas A&M University
Trent Tucker, Otterbein University
Takeshi Uemura, Amine Pharma Research Institute
Abraham Villa Mundo, University of Texas at El Paso
Sarah Waldron, Kennesaw State University
Adrianna White, University of North Florida
Charles White, James Madison University
ASBMB Today Staff
ASBMB Today Staff

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