Annual Meeting

2020 annual meeting tracks

Comfort Dorn
August 01, 2019

The 2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting, to be held in April in San Diego in conjunction with the Experimental Biology conference, will include tracks on the eight themes below. See the full program.

Biochemistry of lipids and membranes

  • Steve Claypool, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Teresa Dunn–Giroux, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  •  Membrane biogenesis and trafficking
  •  How lipids impact the structure and function of membrane proteins
  •  Novel roles of lipids in health and disease

Glycosylation and extracellular matrix in development, repair and disease

  • Jamey Marth, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
  • Joanne Murphy–Ullrich, University of Alabama Medical Center
  •  Glycosylation and extracellular matrix in development, repair and cancer
  •  Glycosylation and extracellular matrix in immunologic, inflammatory and infectious disease
  •  Glycosylation and extracellular matrix in neurologic and metabolic diseases

Molecular mechanisms of cell signaling

  • Wendy Gordon, University of Minnesota
  • Adrian Salic, Harvard University
  •  Mechanosignaling
  •  Post-translational modifications/signaling
  •  Emerging mechanisms of signaling

New developments in metabolism

  • Marcia Haigis, Harvard University
  • Anne Murphy, University of California, San Diego
  •  NAD synthesis, salvage and sirtuins in tissue health
  •  New insights into control of metabolism by transporters
  •  Control of cell fate by metabolic intermediates

Molecular machines — structure and function

  • Nathan Alder, University of Connecticut
  • Jochen Zimmer, University of Virginia
  •  Molecular motors
  •  Molecular motors in transport, biosynthesis and energy transduction
  •  Molecular machines: New paradigms in structure, function and engineering

RNA and disease

  • Takahiro Ito, University of Georgia
  • Anita Hopper, Ohio State University
  •  Noncoding RNAs and disease
  •  RNA modifications and disease
  •  RNA binding proteins and control of RNA biogenesis in disease

Re-imagining STEM: Who we are and what we do

Sponsored by the Education and Professional Development Committee

  • Daniel Dries, Juniata College
  • Nathan Vanderford, University of Kentucky
  •  Who we are: Creating a culture of wellness in science
  •  What we do: Choosing pedagogy over content

Understanding the rules of life

Sponsored by the Minority Affairs Committee

  • Suzanne Barbour, University of Georgia
  •  Cell decision-making
  •  Regulation of gene expression
  •  Best practices for preventing/managing incidences of harassment in the workplace
Comfort Dorn

Comfort Dorn is the managing editor of ASBMB Today.

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