Young Adult Science Cafe- Universities at Shady Grove

Outreach Pic: Group  YA science cafe

In conjunction with the Rockville Science Center, undergraduate members of the ASBMB Student Chapter at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville (Md.) run the Young Adult Science Café, a monthly talk series for middle and high school students. The glut of high-profile speakers who have presented at the event makes this event a must-attend for locals, while the informal atmosphere contributes to the sense of engagement.

Inspired by the Teen Cafe Scientifique movement, the Young Adult Science Cafe was initiated in 2012 to bring science to local K-12 students in the Montgomery County region. To help get the program up and running, the chapter applied for and obtained a seed funding through the Public Outreach Committee's seed grant program. Though the student leaders and organizers change as they graduate, this funding (and oversight from chapter advisor Edward Eisenstein) has provided the program the necessary continuity to keep running. 

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