CRS - Community Resources for Science


Community Resources for Science (CRS) is a non-profit science outreach organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area. CRS connects scientists with teachers to help them teach how science is done, rather than just using material from a textbook. Elementary and middle school students are led through activities and guided inquiry as the focus of CRS’s mission. These active learning techniques keep students engaged and make students practice fundamental skills, necessary in both basic science and engineering arenas.

In order to think more like scientists, students are challenged to make observations, propose hypotheses to explain these observations, and then to provide evidence for their claims. They design experiments and discuss their findings in groups. For example, if you are given a closed box filled with a paperclip, sand, or a lump of clay, what tests could you do to figure out which item is inside? Throughout this process, scientist volunteers from CRS help keep students on track and ask guiding questions. Most CRS volunteers work in teams to design original lesson plans, and students and teachers benefit from scientist involvement. Ms. Teresa Barnett, executive director of CRS, says that the “students thrive and delight in the inspiration of diverse, enthusiastic role models.” Volunteering with CRS benefits scientists too. “Explaining your research to eight-year olds is a significant challenge, but it helps to make STEM professionals better at sharing their research with a broader audience.”

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