Student Chapters registration


The ASBMB Student Chapters application and renewal system can be accessed here. All functions must be completed by the faculty adviser. Please review the information below. Questions may be sent to

Starting/renewing a chapter

  1. Log in using your email address and password. Please note that only faculty advisers can start or renew a chapter. 
  2. If you are starting a new chapter, you will receive a warning message that no chapter is associated with your member ID. Click “Continue” to create a new chapter. 
  3. If your regular ASBMB membership has lapsed, you will be prompted to renew ( 

Updating chapter information

  1. The adviser must complete the entire registration process to submit changes to the chapter. The registration process is only complete after you click “Complete” and see the payment confirmation page. 
  2. Keep your adviser information updated. Click “Continue” to save changes. A secondary adviser can be added to the chapter using the online system. If an adviser needs to be removed from the chapter, you must contact  

Updating chapter member information

  1. The adviser must log in to the ASBMB member portal in order to update chapter member information. 
  2. New and renewed members will appear in the first box on the screen. Past members will appear in the second box. To renew a student’s membership, click on the box next to their name.  
  3. To update a student’s information, click “Details.” Add each student’s name, email address and expected graduation date. 
  4. After adding and updating members, click “Continue.”  
  5. To remove a student, click the box under the “Remove” button. The student’s name will be stored in past students associated with the chapter. 

Chapter dues are $100 and cover up to 10 students. Each additional student is $10 each. If the chapter initially has fewer than 10 students, the adviser can log in at later times to add students. Additional charges will not be applied until the chapter exceeds 10 members.