ASBMB Undergraduate Research Award

This $1,000 award supports undergraduate student chapter members’ summer research projects.


  • Applicant must be a current ASBMB Student Chapter member.
  • Applicant must conduct the proposed research project in the lab of an ASBMB member.
  • Only one application may be submitted per lab. Note: Multiple applications from the same school may be submitted for consideration. However, the review committee strives to fund awards across as many institutions as possible. Therefore, it is unlikely that multiple applications from the same school will be awarded funding.
  • Award money may be used only for reagents and supplies for the project. Award money may not be used for stipends.
  • Award money will be sent to the research adviser to be deposited in an institutional account.
  • Any unused funds must be returned to the ASBMB.

How to apply

Submit the following documents:

  1. A research statement written by the student applicant that includes the following (four pages max):
    • Title of the research project.
    • Brief background about the research.
    • Specific research question(s) being addressed and a clear summary of the proposed project.
    • The specific role that the student is going to play in the research project.
    • Methods that will be used to collect data and analyze results.
    • Description of how the project will advance the professor’s research.
    • Description of any relevant prior research that the student has been involved in.
    • Brief statement about the applicant’s career goals.
  2. Two letters of support:
    • faculty reference form should be submitted together with each letter of support.
    • One letter should be written by the faculty member with whom the student intends to conduct their research. The letter should contain information about the student’s qualifications and any relevant past research experience. 
    To submit a confidential letter of support, the adviser may send the letter directly to
  3. Cover page including the following information (one page max):
    • Applicant’s full name.
    • Applicant’s email address.
    • Name of school attended by applicant.
    • Name of school where the applicant will be conducting his/her research.
    • Name of the research adviser with whom the applicant will be doing research.
    • Name of the chapter adviser.
    • Cumulative GPA.
    • Science GPA.
    • Year in school.
    • Expected graduation date.
  4. A copy of the institution's protocol/guidelines for COVID-19

Reporting requirements

At the end of the research period, each award recipient is required to submit an Undergraduate Research Award report.