Tips for starting a student chapter

The ASBMB Student Chapters program offers benefits to undergraduate students and faculty advisers alike. Starting a new chapter may seem daunting, but there are many great ideas to consider for activities and stories to review covering chapter accomplishments and student success.

Ready to start a chapter? Make sure you have a faculty adviser who is a regular ASBMB member and at least five students before following the directions to get started.

Ideas for educational and professional-development activities

  • Research talks
  • Alumni career panels
  • Course selection pre-registration lunch/dinner
  • Student–faculty luncheon
  • MCAT study group
  • Résumé photo event/headshots
  • Advising event
  • Faculty talks
  • Student mentor–mentee programs
  • Journal club
  • Off-campus trips to learn about BMB in the field

Ideas for outreach activities

  • Presenting about research to high school students to introduce them to STEM
  • Publishing a chapter campus newsletter or magazine
  • Organizing a lesson for a local after-school program
  • Judging or presenting at local science festivals
  • Hosting a demonstration at a booth on campus
  • Leading a drive for supplies to send to health-oriented service organizations
  • Supporting local Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups on initiatives leading to merit badges
  • Participating in a science café
  • Hosting a demonstration at a local farmer’s market
  • Creating a science-focused podcast
  • Taking students on tour of on-campus labs
  • Participating in advocacy related to science

Ideas for social activities

  • Building edible cell models with club members
  • Weekly informal luncheon
  • Creating terrariums as a group
  • Painting party
  • Senior cookout
  • Soap making
  • Finals study break

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