CTSE - Center for Translational Science Education


The Center for Translational Science Education (CTSE) at Tufts University employs scientists who work with teachers in Boston area Public Schools and around the country to develop engaging scientific material for high school students. Together, they developed the Great Diseases curriculum, a year-long biomedical curriculum that “use[s] the science behind [the] diseases to bring to light how everyday experiences are impacted by science,” says Dr. Berri Jacque, Research Assistant Professor and the Co-Director of the CTSE. This emphasis ensures that students see how the science they learn in the classroom can help us make better decisions about our health. High school teachers can use any or all of the modules as they see fit for free.

Dr. Jacque says what distinguishes their program is that the CTSE does “outreach through the prism of research.” The CTSE is largely funded by NIH science education grants and consistently uses their research findings to improve their programs. Now that the Great Diseases curriculum and materials are established, the CTSE has shifted its focus towards supporting teachers as they incorporate this program into their classrooms. Since the Great Diseases material is challenging and unfamiliar to most high school teachers, CTSE works with teachers and help them confidently lead their courses. However, the CTSE needs more scientist volunteers to meet increasing teacher demand nationwide. Scientist volunteers can help by setting up virtual chats with teachers to review course material and leading labs in classrooms in their area.

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