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Regular membership is available to anyone with a doctoral degree who has published at least one paper pertaining to biochemistry or molecular biology in a refereed journal. Regular members may also hold elective office.

Grow your network and connect to your scientific community

In addition to attending the ASBMB's annual meeting and small, thematic conferences, regular members can apply to host their own with the society's help.

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  • Propose and lead networking events
  • Receive discounts on registration for ASBMB Conferences
  • Propose and lead ASBMB Conferences
  • Receive discounts on abstract submission and registration for Discover BMB, the ASBMB annual meeting
  • Be eligible to give a talk and plan workshops and interest groups at Discover BMB
  • Access the ASBMB member directory

Stay competitive

The ASBMB provides a host of resources to keep you at the top of your game.

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Share your experiences and access news

Receive discounts on publishing your work in our three open-access journals and stay up-to-date with the stories around your science with our member magazine.

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  • ASBMB Today online and in print
  • $500 discount on article processing fee to all ASBMB journals
  • Write articles for ASBMB Today
  • Stay current on society member-only events

Prepare the next generation of scientists

ASBMB accreditation demonstrates the excellence of your degree program, and our Student Chapters provide support for undergraduate scientists.

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Gain recognition for your scientific accomplishments

The ASBMB's annual awards recognize excellence in various disciplines with the BMB community.

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Advocate for science and shape our community’s future

We provide a voice for our members on Capitol Hill and with the funding agencies.

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Aubrey Smith (Montgomery College), Member since 2005

Aubrey Smith (Montgomery College), Member since 2005