Earl and Thressa Stadtman Distinguished Scientist Award

Nominations open in March

The Earl and Thressa Stadtman Distinguished Scientist Award was established by friends and colleagues to preserve their legacies as scientists and mentors. It is awarded to an established scientist for his or her outstanding achievement in basic research in the fields encompassed by the ASBMB. The award will be given every other year, alternating with the Earl and Thressa Stadtman Young Scholar Award.   

Nominations must originate from ASBMB members, but the nominee need not be an ASBMB member. The award consists of a plaque, a $10,000 cash award and travel expenses for the ASBMB annual meeting to present a lecture.


Nicholas Tonks


  • Nicholas Tonks

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Susan S. Taylor


  • Susan S. Taylor

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Brian K. Kobilka


  • Brian K. Kobilka
Jack E. Dixon


  • Jack E. Dixon
Michael S. Brown


  • Michael S. Brown
Joseph L. Goldstein


  • Joseph L. Goldstein