About the ASBMB Student Chapters program


The ASBMB Student Chapters is devoted to building a diverse, inclusive and vibrant community of undergraduate students and faculty members for the advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology research, education and science outreach through networking and career development opportunities.


To be an impactful diverse and inclusive community that provides access to resources and empowers all stakeholders in biochemistry and molecular biology undergraduate education.

2023–2024 goals

Through awards and programs, Student Chapters will:

  • Support faculty members in the development of strong undergraduate programs in biochemistry and molecular biology and related disciplines.
  • Provide undergraduate programs with research and dissemination opportunities, including access to ASBMB regional and national conferences.
  • Build a diverse and inclusive community that fosters networking, a sense of belonging and career development opportunities for students and faculty by supporting the participation of members at historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, tribal colleges and universities, and other minority serving institutions.
  • Promote science outreach.
  • Recognize outstanding educational and research activities in biochemistry and molecular biology.