April 2–5 | Philadelphia

2022 ASBMB Annual Meeting

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Sonia Flores

"The ASBMB has always been a pioneer in issues of diversity and inclusion and recently, on issues of sexual harassment in STEM academic fields. I am immensely proud to be part of this community."

Parmvir Bahia

"I really appreciate that the ASBMB does more than offer support for traditional career paths. From science policy to outreach and science communication, members have the opportunity to learn from experienced staff using platforms that make these resources increasingly more accessible."

Odutayo Odunuga

"Being a member of the ASBMB provides you with tremendous challenges, opportunities and resources to grow as a professional."

ASBMB journals

The ASBMB's three prestigious journals offer a platform for your research with the benefit of editorial feedback, fast turnaround and open access.


Journal of Biological Chemistry

JBC publishes high-quality science that seeks to elucidate the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes.


Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

MCP showcases cutting-edge advances in proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics.


Journal of Lipid Research

JLR is the most cited journal devoted to lipids in the world, focusing on the science of lipids in health and disease.

The coronavirus may cause fat cells to miscommunicate, leading to diabetes

The coronavirus may cause fat cells to miscommunicate, leading to diabetes

By Tina Hesman Saey, Science News

COVID-19 patients with high blood sugar had low levels of a hormone made by fat.

Member spotlight
Lori Burrows

Lori Burrows, a professor at McMaster University, is one of two ASBMB members to recently be named as fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

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Virtual event

Creating an inclusive learning environment

Feb. 12, 2022 | 11:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Eastern

This interactive session will explore how to develop an intentionality toward cultivating inclusive learning environments for our students. Featuring a keynote on "Creating an inclusive learning environment: bold spaces for uncertainty and change."

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ASBMB Twitter chats

ASBMB Twitter chats

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Deuel conference on lipids

Deuel conference on lipids

March 1–4 | The ASBMB Deuel conference is a must-attend event for leading lipids investigators — and for scientists who’ve just begun to explore the role of lipids in their research programs. Register now. More