Awards and Grants

To announce an award or RFP to Lipid Research Division members, please email us at

Research Awards

Nominate a colleague for the Heinrich Wieland Prize

Researchers who have published outstanding work on “biologically active molecules and systems in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry and physiology” are eligible for the 100,000 euro 2020 Heinrich Wieland prize. Learn more here.

Funding opportunities

Metabolic changes in aging and Alzheimer’s disease

One of the many biochemical changes associated with aging is a change in lipid metabolism. This request for proposals from the NIA calls for research into changing insulin regulation as well as metabolomic or lipidomic studies that might identify possible new targets for Alzheimer’s disease. The deadline is rolling, but the RFP expires May 8, 2020.

Determinants of childhood obesity

If you investigate emerging determinants of obesity, such as hormones, microbiome or epigenetic modifications, and how they relate to childhood obesity, this RFP from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute may be for you. Stemming from an NIH workshop on preventing obesity back in 2013, the grants aim to fund work aimed at explaining or reducing excessive weight gain in the first two years of life. More detailed instructions for applying can be found here.

Aging and osteoarthritis

The NIA and NIAMS have announced new high-priority research areas in osteoarthritis, including crosstalk between adipose and other types of tissue in the joint. Researchers studying adipose-tissue-derived mediators of inflammation may wish to learn more. Applications are now open.


If you study genetic variants in nutrient absorption, transport or metabolism, this RFP issued by NIDDK and NCCIH to announce their interest in nutrigenetics may be right for you. It is available from the February 2020 R01 submission deadline through 2022.