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Stratacuity - Associate scientist, delivery

Posted March 31 | The Boston-area biotech startup stratacuity is seeking an Associate Scientist to help develop their RNA-lipid nanoparticle delivery system for rare disease. The ideal candidate would have a BS or MS and five years of experience in the industry. Read more here.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Postdoctoral researcher

Posted March 14 | Researchers interested in the structure of membrane proteins, or who want to learn cryo-EM and related imaging techniques, may be interested in a postdoctoral opportunity in Ji Sun's lab at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Read more.

Rice University - Postdoctoral researcher 

Posted March 2 | The labs of James McNew and MIchael Stern are looking for a postdoc to carry out research in the biochemistry and cell biology of membrane fusion mediated by proteins such as SNAREs and membrane anchors. You can learn more about their ideal candidate here.

The Institute of Metabolic Disorders - Ph.D. level scientist

Posted February 12 | The Institute of Metabolic Disorders ( at Genesis Biotechnology Group ( has an opening for a PhD level scientist.  The scientist hired will work as part of a highly dynamic team focusing on drug discovery efforts for treating several metabolic disorders, including atherosclerosis and NASH.  The laboratory focuses on target validation through studying the basic biology underlying these diseases. The scientist will work with our drug discovery team in the screening of targets for small molecule modulators.  The position will give the scientist the exciting opportunity to be in on the ground floor of target identification and characterization, as well as be part of a team driving high throughput screening and drug discovery.  The laboratory is highly interactive with several academic institutions and regularly publishes in high impact journals, such as the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Genetics.  A working knowledge of mammalian cell culture, biochemical analyses of protein and mRNA expression, fluorescence microscopy, and siRNA and CRSPR methods, is a plus but not essential for applying for the position.  The successful applicant will become a core member of a highly interactive team of junior and senior scientists who bring with them expertise in lipid biology, hepatic and cardiovascular physiology, cancer biology, drug-discovery research, pharmacology, assay development, and the use of disease mouse models for drug efficacy.  Send letter of interest and CV to Dr. Joseph Nickels (