Lipid Research Division


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Pfizer, St. Louis, MO - Senior scientist, lipid characterization

Posted March 28 | Pfizer's analytical research and development group in biotherapeutics is seeking a scientist with experience using mass spectrometry to determine lipid structures to support its development of lipid nanoparticles. Learn more. 

Verve Therapeutics, Massachusetts -multiple positions

Posted March 28 | Verve Therapeutics, a biotech startup aiming to treat familial hypercholesterolemia with gene editing, has several open positions in analytical development, bioassays, next generation sequencing and internal quality control to ASBMB's job board. Here is the latest. 

Toker Lab, BIDMC/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA - Research assistant

Posted March 28 | LRD member Alex Toker, whose lab studies signaling pathways including PI3K in cancer, has an entry-level research assistant position available for a scientist with a bachelor's degree. Read more about the position here.