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The Lipid Research Division is a division of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The LRD represents lipid research scientists of the society and addresses concerns that include, but are not limited to, national and international visibility, representation at the annual meeting and on scientific advisory panels, and increased funding for lipid research. Additionally, the LRD serves as a platform within the ASBMB to highlight progress in lipid research and to foster communication among lipid researchers and between lipid researchers and the broader ASBMB membership.

We invite all lipid researchers to join the division. ASBMB membership is encouraged but not required.

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The LRD's goal is to make sure that the NIH and other granting bodies have a resource of lipid researchers to make sure that our grants get the expertise and appreciation that they need to be successful. Take a very short, no-obligation survey (5 minutes max) to assess your expertise for serving as a reviewer.

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Member Spotlight
James Olzmann

James Olzmann, an associate professor at the University of California, Berkeley, is the 2020 recipient of the American Society for Cell Biology’s Günter Blobel Early Career Award.

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Lipid news
The International Lipidomics Society: Who we are and where we are heading

The aim of the ILS is to foster international community-wide coordination and communication to create lipidomics-specific guidelines for good scientific practice and future development.

Transport of O-palmitoleated Wnts: Where does the lipid go?

These ligands are secreted to the cell membrane bound to their dedicated transporter. The authors describe the structure of this complex with the essential lipid.

Targeting sphingolipid metabolism to treat cancer

Christopher Clarke outlines the promise and challenges of treatments focused on this class of lipids.

Crystal building blocks of triglycerides

Using methods that include crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy, recent work in three labs has defined structures and mechanisms in triglycerides, Michael Airola writes.

Phospholipids and innate immunity

Phospholipids provide the membranes that hold our cells together. Valerie O’Donnell at Cardiff University offers a look at how these diverse lipids and their metabolic products play a vital role in human health and disease.


Lipid Research Division Seminar Series

Wednesdays | 12 p.m. Eastern

Monthly presentations from young researchers highlighting their recent work in the field of lipids. Hosted by the ASBMB's Lipid Research Division.

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Recent LRD seminars


May 26, 2021 More

Phospholipid control of intracellular transport and membrane repair

Phospholipid control of intracellular transport and membrane repair

Feb. 24, 2021 More