ASBMB Fellows

How to nominate

The nomination period is now over. Nominations will reopen in the fall of 2022.

The ASBMB Fellows program encourages nominations that reflect the breadth and diversity of the society’s membership.

Nominees (and nominators) must be regular, industry, emeritus or affiliate members of the ASBMB. Self-nominations are allowed.

Nominations must include a letter of support that demonstrates the nominee's commitment to the ASBMB (through participation on committees, editorial boards, advisory panels, scientific meetings, etc.) and their contributions as a researcher, educator, mentor, advocate or other professional in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology that reflects their significant and sustained impact on the field.

Only the letter of support will be considered. Other accompanying documents, such as CVs, biosketches, reprints, will not be considered.

Your letter of support may address some or all of the following. Additional examples are encouraged.

  • Is the nominee an established member of the ASBMB who has made substantive contributions to the society? For example:
    • Served on ASBMB committees, perhaps in a leadership position
    • Organized events with the ASBMB
    • Been actively involved with ASBMB journals (e.g. as a reviewer or editorial board member)
  • Does the nominee have a record of:
    • Actively supporting the recruitment and professional development of scientists from diverse backgrounds
    • Contributions to education in biochemistry or molecular biology
    • Publications
    • Funding for research, education and/or outreach
    • Leadership within and beyond their institution

Please note:

  • You must be a regular, industry, emeritus or affiliate member to submit a nomination.
  • Members of the Membership Committee are not eligible to be nominated.
  • All successful candidates are expected to satisfy the standards of the ASBMB’s code of conduct.
  • In order to complete your nomination, you must know the email address associated with the nominee’s ASBMB member account. To search for or confirm their email address, please check the ASBMB Member Directory.

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How nominations are reviewed

A subcommittee of five members of the Membership Committee reviews the full list of nominees and makes selections based on an established rubric that takes into consideration the nominee's impact on their field of research, on education and professional development, and their commitment to diversity in science, as well as their service to the ASBMB, among other factors.

The subcommittee's recommendations are presented to the Membership Committee for discussion and a vote, with a two-thirds majority needed to determine the final selection. The final list of fellows is then presented to the ASBMB Council for approval.