Member FAQs

What is my member number?
Your member number is located on your member profile. If you do not know your member number, send an email to or call 240-283-6604.

I need a receipt or invoice. What do I do?
You will receive an email receipt after your transaction. If you don't see your receipt, check your spam folder. If you still need help or a copy of your invoice, contact or call 240-283-6604.

How do I change my address in the ASBMB records?
Log in to your member profile. If you still need help, send a detailed email with your old address and contact information along with the new contact information to

What subscriptions are available to members?
ASBMB members receive significant discounts on many print copies of scientific journals. Click here for a listing of journals available to you. Please note that shipping and taxes are extra.

How do I activate my online subscriptions?
You must have your customer number to activate your free online subscriptions. The customer number is your member number, as shown on your membership card and your member profile, and your ASBMB member number with an M at the end. Once your payment has been processed, you also will receive detailed activation instructions by email. Contact if you are having trouble locating your customer number.

I am missing an issue of TiBs, Annual Review or BAMBED. How do I get it? 
Send an email to describing the problems you are experiencing. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours (Mon.-Fri.), please call 240-283-6604.

How do I get online access to TiBS?
Your activation instructions are included on the mailing label. If you do not have this, send an e-mail to TiBS Customer Service for instructions. If you still have access issues, please call 240-283-6604, and the ASBMB staff will follow up for you.

I did not get my JBC minireview compendium. How do I get it?
The JBC minireview compendium is available online only.

I would like to change my member type. How can I do this?
To update your member type, you will need to contact or call 240-283-6604.

I would like to join as an Emeritus member of the ASBMB. How do I do this?
The Emeritus member type is available to any active ASBMB regular member who is a retiree and whose member dues are current. To apply for Emeritus member status, contact or call 240-283-6604.

There is a charge on my credit card that I do not recognize.
Please send an e-mail with your inquiry to or call 240-283-6604. Include the date of the charge, the amount, the cardholder's name and the reference number.

Still have a question?  Contact the membership office by email at or by phone at 240-283-6604.