What the ASBMB offers


Career resources

Find webinars and training courses, a job and internship board, and funding opportunities for your research.


Meetings and events

Join us at the ASBMB annual meeting and a host of conferences and virtual events presenting unique and cutting-edge science.


Journals and news

Delve into our three prestigious journals and keep up to date with the world of biochemistry and molecular biology in our award-winning magazine.



The ASBMB provides ways for its members to engage with Congress to ensure that their funding and policy needs are met.



Learn about our accreditation, certification and student chapter programs and explore our helpful teaching resources.

Exclusive member benefits


Members enjoy:

  • Discounted registration for ASBMB events — save up to 50% off the annual meeting.
  • Effective January 2021, the ASBMB’s three prestigious research journals — the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Lipid Research and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics — are open access. Regular and industry members receive a $500 discount on the article processing fee.
  • Reduced subscription rates for non-ASBMB journals.
  • Discounted registration for the Art of Science Communication online course.
  • Free posting to the ASBMB job board (regular and industry members only).


Members can apply for:


Members enjoy access to:

Membership types

Prices are for one calendar year of membership (January–December).

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Available to anyone with a doctoral degree who has published at least one paper pertaining to biochemistry or molecular biology in a refereed journal. Regular members may hold elective office, endorse new members and sponsor nonmembers at the society's annual meeting.



Available to anyone who works in industry, biotech or other fields related to the molecular life sciences with a degree (associates or above) in biochemistry, molecular biology or a related field. Industry members have the same privileges as regular members.



Available to postdoctoral fellows (or equivalent) or early-career scientists. Early-career status is limited to 10 years unless postdoctoral (or equivalent) appointment is reaffirmed by a mentor or faculty member. Eligible for regular membership once criteria are satisfied.



Available to those without a Ph.D. and who are not eligible for regular or early-career membership — typically educators at colleges or high schools, employees of government agencies or nongovernmental or nonprofit organizations, and members of the public with a strong interest in biochemistry and molecular biology.



Available to graduate students. Graduate membership is limited to five years. Eligible for early-career membership once criteria are satisfied.



Available to students enrolled in an undergraduate program at a 2-year community college or 4-year college or university.

Student Chapter

Undergraduates should consider joining a student chapter to receive award and scholarship benefits.


Available to any ASBMB regular member who is a retiree and whose member dues are current. To apply for emeritus status, send the ASBMB an email stating your official retirement date and pay a one-time fee of $100. Emeritus members are entitled to all privileges of regular members but may not hold elective office.


How do I retrieve my member number or account login?

Your member number is located on your member profile.

To access your member profile, log in with the email address and password you used to join the society. If you do not remember your password, click the "Forgot password?" link on the login page.

If you are still having problems logging in, send an email to membership@asbmb.org.

How do I change my address in the ASBMB records?
Log in to your member profile. If you still need help, send a detailed email with your old address and contact information along with the new contact information to membership@asbmb.org.
How do I set up my free email alerts from ASBMB journals?
Follow these instructions for setting up email alerts from the ASBMB's journals:
How do I activate my online subscriptions for TiBs, Annual Review or BAMBED?
After your payment has been processed, you will receive detailed activation instructions by email from the publisher. Contact membership@asbmb.org if you have not received your instructions after 48 hours.
I am missing an issue of TiBs, Annual Review or BAMBED. How do I get it?

To inquire about a missing issue, please contact the publication's publisher:

I would like to change my member type. How can I do this?
To update your member type, contact membership@asbmb.org or call 240-283-6604.
I would like to change my membership status to emeritus. How do I do this?
The emeritus member type is available to any active ASBMB regular member who is a retiree and whose member dues are current. To apply for emeritus member status, contact membership@asbmb.org or call 240-283-6604.
I need a receipt or invoice. What do I do?
You will receive an email receipt after completing your online payment. If you don't see your receipt, check your spam folder. If you still need help or a copy of your invoice, contact membership@asbmb.org or call 240-283-6604.
There is a charge on my credit card that I do not recognize.
Please send an e-mail with your inquiry to membership@asbmb.org or call 240-283-6604. Include the date of the charge, the amount, the cardholder's name and the reference number.