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Angela Hopp
Communications Director
Executive Editor, ASBMB Today
Office: 240-283-6614 | Cell: 713-471-4541
Specialties: ASBMB Today, society leadership, annual meeting, awards and administration

Allison Frick
Print and Digital Media Specialist 
Office: 240-283-6639
Specialties: social media, society news and events, and EurekAlert tipsheets for public information officers

Laurel Oldach
Science Communicator and Science Writer
Office: 240-283-6648
Specialties: Industry careers and trends, Journal of Lipid Research, and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Alexandra (Sasha) Mushegian
Science Communicator and Science Writer
Office: 240-283-6616 
Specialties: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Benjamin Corb
Public Affairs Director
Office: 240-283-6600
Specialties: science policy, position statements, grassroots advocacy and research funding



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