Strategies for coping with the midcareer doldrums

June 10, 2024 | Duration: 54 mins.

Some faculty members in the biological sciences experience a midcareer letdown, slump or stuckness, otherwise known as the midcareer doldrums. These feelings may contribute to a decrease in career satisfaction even after significant achievements. Join us for a panel discussion to explore how different faculty perceive their midcareer doldrums. We will see how they employed unique coping strategies to resume moving forward toward their professional goals.

This event is sponsored by the ASBMB Women in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Committee.


Maitreyi Das

Maitreyi Das
Associate Professor, Boston College

Dan Gorelick

Dan Gorelick
Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

Rebecca Shansky

Rebecca Shansky
Professor, Northeastern University

Don Elmore

Don Elmore, moderator
Professor, Wellesley College

Who should watch

  • Early-career and midcareer biochemistry and molecular biology professionals.
  • Senior faculty and managers serving in mentoring roles.

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing the common experience of midcareer doldrums for many faculty in the biological sciences.
  • Discussing strategies for (re)discovering joy in professional activities such as research and teaching.
  • Considering how to reenergize a career by pursuing new directions and initiatives.