Classics & Reflections

Elion, GJBC Classics 

The advances in electronic publishing, pioneered by JBC in 1995, allow us to present proudly some of the many seminal articles published since the Journal's founding in 1905. The papers, which are reprinted in their original form, are accompanied by a biographical introduction and brief summary of the article. When completed, the series will contain over 300 original papers by many of the legends in biological chemistry including Folin, Van Slyke, the Coris, Doisy, McCollum, Hastings, Lowry, Kornberg, Kennedy, Brown, Goldstein, and many more.



Differential Gene Expression in Vetebrate EmbryosJBC Reflections 

The past century has seen countless scientific advances that have reshaped the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. To recognize these achievements and the incredible scientists behind them, JBC offers 'Reflections,' a series of articles authored by the biochemists and molecular biologists whose contributions have left significant and lasting marks in the field. Although the Reflections were initiated in honor of the JBC Centenary in 2005, they have become a popular permanent fixture of the journal. All Reflections are invited articles by respected and recognized researchers on a topic of their choosing. It is our hope that the personal experiences encapsulated in these articles will, in small part, capture some of the history, unpredictability, and wonder of biochemistry.