Advocacy Training Program delegates

Cohort 4 (2022)

Ankita Arora

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

“I am passionate about advocating for diversity in science, highlighting difficulties that international scholars face. As a part of ASBMB ATP, I hope to gain insights into how to be a better advocate for my community and their inclusion in STEM."

M. Cortez Bowlin

  • Graduate student
    University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Coming from a rural community, I have personal experience in dealing with the distrust and doubt in science that results from poor communication, jargon-rich press releases and culturally tone-deaf statements often associated with 'Big Science.' I look forward to honing my advocacy skills and developing successful strategies for communicating between policymakers and stakeholders.”

Roxanne Evande

  • Graduate student
    University of Delaware

“Through the ATP, I hope to improve my legislative, formal writing skills and policy vocabulary.”

Ryan Feathers

  • Graduate student
    Cornell University

“Through the ATP, I hope to learn how to advocate for scientists from diverse backgrounds and promote increasing accessibility to a graduate education.”

Cedric Lansangan

  • Graduate student
    Loma Linda University

“I am excited to learn how to better advocate for increased and enhanced support, outreach and funding for the physician-scientist pathway, one which is known for its leakiness and perceived difficulty.”

Lance Li

  • Undergraduate
    Georgetown University

“I hope to become a scientist that breaks free from the ivory tower stereotype and one day hold a platform contributing to both biomedical research advancement and scientific policy reform.”

Lien Nguyen

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“I’m passionate about promoting more equitable healthcare access and improving science education and research in developing countries, including my home country, Vietnam.”

Emily Pitsch

  • Graduate student
    University of Utah

“My passion for advocacy work was realized through involvement in a local and state issue concerning invasive development in Utah’s mountains. I look forward to blending my passions for science and political action in my future career.”

Chelsea Rand–Fleming

  • Graduate student
    Auburn University

“I am excited to participate in the ATP program because it will allow me to further serve as a role model to my daughter by displaying the importance of advocacy, outreach and service. It’s my goal to also demonstrate that we all have the potential to have an impact on the world.”

Aishwarya Sriraman

  • ORISE Fellow
    U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense

“Throughout my career, I have gained insight into systemic hurdles in making a career out of basic science research. Through the ATP, I wish to learn how to bring about sustainable change in that system by advocating for more diverse perspectives and increased technical expertise at the policy-making level.”


Cohort 3 (2019)

  • Sharifa Love-Rutledge
  • Julia de Amorim
  • Luz Milbeth Cumba Garcia
  • Diego Rodriguez
  • Lindsey Tolman
  • Courtney Chandler
  • Charli Fant
  • Callan Frye
  • Mark Vincent dela Cerna
  • Arthur Sikora

Cohort 2 (2019)

  • Elisabeth Nyakatura
  • Kathryn Eudy
  • Laura Garcia Ibanez
  • Miguel Rojas
  • Jennifer Clinton
  • Dominique Mosley
  • Levi Evans
  • Anila Madiraju
  • Evan Comeaux
  • T. L. Jordan
  • Zarina Akbary
  • Sernah Essien

Cohort 1 (2018)

  • Sage Arbor
  • Aria Byrd
  • Matthew Davidson
  • Shannon Kozlovich
  • Kelly McAleer
  • Melissa Ortiz Rosario
  • Spencer Shelton
  • Christa Trexler
  • Bailey Weatherbee
  • Daniel Wilson