Unlimited Potential, Vanishing Opportunity

In the summer of 2013, ASBMB and fifteen other scientific societies conducted a survey of scientists asking questions regarding cuts to nondefense discretionary spending by Congress since 2010. Over 3,700 scientists from all fields of research responded.

Unlimited Potential, Vanishing Opportunity compiles the data from the survey into an easily understandable report that chronicles the difficulties of scientists trying to secure federal funds for research. The report clearly depicts the negative effects of these budget cuts and sequestration on individual scientists and the entire scientific research community. Respondents’ concerns about federal budget cuts fell into four specific categories:

  • The benefits of scientific research
  • The next generation of scientists
  • The loss of the federal investment in scientists
  • U.S. global research leadership

We strongly urge the federal government to overturn sequestration and return to a strong, sustained investment in scientific research. 


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News release 

Survey data 

You can find additional coverage of the report on the ASBMB Policy Blotter.

UPVO is in the news! Check out this piece from Sam Stein at the Huffington Post about our survey and report. This story in CNN Money focuses on the scientists who responded to our survey as having laid off or are planning to lay off scientists. Chemistry World has a nice story with some in-depth analysis of the data in our survey. Other stories that have mentioned our report have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Times, The Scientist, Inside Higher Ed and Nature.