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Grassroots Advocacy Network Training Webinar (7/27/2017)

The future of the biomedical research workforce - Dr. Shirley M. Tilghman, PhD (6/29/2017)

Federal Agency Funding Opportunity Webinar – The National Science Foundation (2/7/2017)


State of the Science Advocate Webinar - January 28, 2014

The past few months in Washington have indicated a potential thawing of the icy cold partisan divide that has dictated politics for most of the past 5 years.  A bipartisan budget agreement temporarily ended sequestration which has greatly affected research funding, and this funding plan for fiscal 2014 makes strides to recover losses incurred as a result of budget cuts (details of this deal can be found here).

On the evening of Jan. 28, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, outlining his priorities for the next year including scientific research, and providing advocates with insights into what we can expect from his FY15 budget proposal.  ASBMB Public Affairs Director Benjamin Corb similarly outlined ASBMB’s policy priorities for the coming year in a webinar titled "State of the Science Advocate," and helps to break through the “politics speak” of the State of the Union.

The recorded webinar with audio can be found here. (Adobe Flash will be needed to play this file.)

Slides from the webinar can be found here.