Foreign influences on research integrity

Over the past several years, numerous federal investigations have uncovered instances of foreign influence and interference in taxpayer-funded scientific research within the U.S. A small number of scientists have committed serious violations of conflict of interest and disclosure reporting requirements at the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.

In response, federal funding agencies, universities and research institutions have attempted to address this issue through policy changes, training on research misconduct and extensive collaboration with the FBI and the NIH. Specifically, the NIH is investigating policy breaches by about 189 scientists at 84 institutions.

The ASBMB has been tracking this issue to ensure that the scientific community is engaged with policymakers. We urge federal agencies to coordinate policy changes, offer more guidance to grant-receiving institutions and ensure that international students, foreign nationals and scientists everywhere are protected from being unfairly targeted. See the ASBMB’s full position statement on foreign influences to research integrity.


Protecting American science — and the international collaborators critical to its success

Lawyer and law professor Frank H. Wu discusses the policy landscape as the National Institutes of Health and the Federal Bureau of Investigation crack down on conflicts of interest and intellectual property theft and lawmakers consider legislation to protect American research. Find out about new reporting and disclosure requirements — and unintended consequences, including racial profiling.

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